TTV: On Air FAQ and Information Topic

TTV: On Air is an animated show starring all of your favorite TTV members, and Eljay!

Here's a FAQ:

Q: When is TTV: On Air coming out?
A: Before BioCraft

Q: No, but seriously. When is it coming out?
A: We honestly don't have a release day set yet. We're wanting to get done with the entirety of the first season before we set a release date. As of right now, we're in full production mode and building up a library of assets and making sure the scripts are done. We'll be releasing teasers along the way, though, so don't worry!

Q: What programs do you use?
A: The spriting is all done with a mixture of MS Paint and Photoshop. The audio is all managed either by Audacity or by Reaper. The animation is managed in Flash CS6.

Q: What is this series about?
A: It's about the trials and tribulations of a small startup studio, the employees there, and the shenanigans that go on as they struggle to make it big. Think of it as Community meets the Office meets Code Monkeys.

Q: Who is going to be in it?
A: The main characters are going to be six of us: Varderan, Mesonak, Eljay, Kahi, Viper and Venom. There's also going to be a ton of other characters, some other cast members, and some that are just plain made up.

Q: Where did you get those sprites that you use?
A: Var created our sprites for a custom kit that he wanted to use back when we made comics. It was a clear choice for animation, mostly because it was one of the few kits that had a walkcycle for it.

Q: Can I have them?
A: No, we're wanting to keep them private solely because we want to keep our own videos recognizable. Making our own visual Bionicle style makes us stand out from all of the other shows out there, both from others and from fans of ours. That way, you can instantly recognize when it's something that we do. It's kind of like branding, I guess.

Q: Can I guest star in an episode?
A: It depends on how much you pay us.

Q: Really?!
A: No but seriously, while we are on the lookout for voice actors, we want to keep this a privilege, like a prize for an event. We're pretty picky about audio quality and the voice actors we actually use. That being said, the voices in this show won't be just us. We're hoping to get the talent from a lot of our friends in the Bionicle community to help us out with this.


Can we have a date that is accurate to within +/- 3 months? =P

I'm super excited about TTV On Air and I had a couple of questions: How many episodes will there be, and how long will each episode be? Will you be making several seasons? Will the show fit in with the storylines of any of the BZP sprite comics (The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker, etc.)?

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The show is estimated to run about 10 minutes per episode. It will be multiple seasons, and the number of episodes per season will vary depending on how long it takes for the story to wrap up.

And, nah, it will have no relation to any BZP comics.

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We're going to develop one episode first, see how long that takes, and decide from there. The big part is building the library first, backgrounds and sprites and whatnot. It's actually a lot easier from there. Much like any show with an animated library, the second season will be easier to make than the first, and the third will be easier than the two before it. But we do plan to make this a regular, multi-seasoned show. Here's hoping!

I'm offended that the only series you know is Eljay's. frowning But no, I definitely wouldn't commit this amount of time and effort to making something dedicated to someone else's sprite comics, let alone Eljay's stuck_out_tongue

On Air takes place in a completely original universe with it's own lore, mythology, locations, timeline, and etc. All of it will be told through the show, so you don't need to read any supplementary material to get what's going on. We'll try to keep the injokes either explained in show or as Easter Eggs, so you don't need to listen to every single TTV episode to get them. Of course, some things (like Omega Tahu or me punching the hobo) can stand on their own so we've left them in, but they're a cool callback to episodes that have gone before.


What software do you use? :3


I've been really looking forward to this ever since the trailer first came out. It defiantly looks like my style of humor.

Are you going to do much to reference Bionicle Characters, locations, and events in the show?

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I screenshot'd the sprites with my iPhone, and currently I'm in the process of converting these sprites into MineCraft skins. Is it OK, or do I need to abandon the project?