TTV Podcast 140 Discussion

I have to admit, I will probably get two General Grievous sets.

Also I must say something: I CAN NEVER ESCAPE THIS TOPIC:

I apologize for bringing up another topic in this topic, but I am the one who made that topic. TTV podcast members, I am so sorry for any stress I may have caused you.

By the way, my Topic was the tail end discussion in this episode.

So Star Wars and Wiki’s. This was interesting episode.


Both sides are wrong. Nuipedia FTW!

Nuipedia? Say wot m8?

Interesting. But either way: in my wiki vs wiki topic, I didn’t say a specific wiki was better, I was focusing on what people prefer and any discussion about the wiki’s.

I didn’t know Meso had such a problem with crotch-cloaks…


Either way, that made me laugh.

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Ugh, this is devolving into another wiki vs wiki topic.

I hereby take it upon myself to pull a TTV and derail the conversation!!!

So what do you all think about possibilities for future Star Wars Constraction sets? I’d like to see Darth Maul, Boba Fett, possibly the Reek, Nexu, and Acklay from Episode II, Han Solo, Storm Trooper, Camoflauge Scout Trooper, Episode IV Luke, and finally, some battle droids from the CIS. I’d also like Eljay or one of the other cast members to review them when they come out.


Nahh, what we need is a Constraction Jabba the Hutt Set!


Makes ya wonder…its like he just all “I do not like how my pants move when I walk.” @Mesonak and the reason it wiggles…IS SO HE CAN MOVE HIS DARN LEGS!!

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You know now I’m interested, is there anyone else who doesn’t like Obi-Wan’s lower cloak? Personally I like it very much and thought it was executed well.

I also learned about how EA is shortchanging Battlefront. I had never played Battlefront before, so I didn’t know that these changes had been made. Though I’m still probably going to get the game.
I totally agree with them about the trailer sucking though, there was no true gameplay footage in there, and I don’t think the game will look much like that at all.


This man has got it. Let’s make it happen :stuck_out_tongue:


“Nobody likes Jango Fett!”
I do.


I highly recommend checking out battlefront 2.

I haven’t seen the trailer, but I am irritated that it didn’t feature gameplay. Very shady EA…

That’s part of the reason why I linked my other topic here. My attitude is this: guys, take the wiki discussion over there.

I like it…and it wiggles so he can move his legs…

Not too sure how they’d pull those off, or how much appeal they’d have…

I’d love to see some B1s, B2s and maybe even Commando Droids. But I’m not sure how they’d pull off their unique bodies and spindly limbs in CCBS…

They managed to pull off skeletons.

What about Droidekas?

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Yes, and they could make use of those bone limbs. I’m not sure how they’d make the torsos though…

That would be insanely cool. Though IDK how they could use CCBS to make something that unusual. Maybe it’d look like the old Technic version:


They could recolour the onua claw pieces too brown to make the main shell. (Though that’s probably just my love for those pieces thinking :stuck_out_tongue: )