TTV Podcast 186 Discussion Topic

the podcast that hits us with the harsh reality that we really need to support JtO and buy as many sets as possible


Gather your friends, then tie them down and force them to watch JtO... Muahaha!


I - I only has Youtube, so, yeah.
See you all in a week.
Hey, why do you guys keep hating on Youtube watchers?
We're cool!


We don't hate on you. You are simply using a site that does not treat ANY channels fairly, Does not allow ANY channels except the huge ones to make money, Has the WORST copyright bots on the history of the interweb, And other stupid things.

So no YOU aren't stupid, YouTube however IS. (Unless the channel you watch isn't on vessel in which case keep using YT).


Ya, it should be clarified that we joke around about how terrible YouTube is but we hold absolutely nothing against YouTube viewers, we totally understand not everyone wants to, or even can, switch over to Vessel and we appreciate the views regardless.

All the YouTube things we say are pure tomfoolery :stuck_out_tongue:

(the site itself is pretty terrible though and I'd rest easy if every person in the world suddenly decided to switch to Vessel)


Dagit nabit nabit dagit I forgot to watch the last one...


There is no escape for the blasphemer!

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yeah i was too, until i learned the podcast was always free

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Did you take my advice on the expensive pencil thing, or did you just forget to say it? I'm also really glad you give a link to Vessel, because I can't get there otherwise for some reason.
Now that I have finished watching the podcast, this is how I feel.

So I guess I'm in denial of the end of Bionicle. Why must they end it? I shall con all my friends into buying all the Bionicle in stores. Though they couldn't care less.