TTV Podcast: Episode 228

I guess I’ll create this topic since it’s not up already. Since this episode is mostly about the Art book, wonder if there should be a topic just on the art book.

Let’s discuss…

I really like the idea of the Toa becoming more like Elementals.

Toa => Toa Nuva => Elemental Lords

I like the idea that the Toa Mata can become something more; that they are in fact different from all other toa. It would have been a cool idea if in Gen1 the Toa Nuva Symbols inhibited their full power until they replaced the corrupt elemental Lords.


That WOULD have been a cool idea.

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Many potential unused due to budget-cuts (gold masks contest) and limitation, I also don’t mind the G1 concept being creature based than what we have now.

Finished this episode today, definitely a very Bionicle focused one, and I’m not saying I hate the other discussion or anything, far from it, but it was cool to hear everyone’s thoughts on the art. I love the art so much, but yes, it’s sad it wasn’t implemented more.

I agree, the last few podcasts have been really enjoyable.

Imagine if they had done art posters as prizes.

I really like the Mask of Creation concept on page 63 (page 32 in pdf). I like the simple three pointed crown. I always thought the Ekimu’s crown we got looks a little ridiculous.

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