TTV Pokémon Go Topic

New game dropped and it’s quite the nifty search and capture game. Here’s a topic where you can post pictures of your adventure and finds.

Be wary that since the game DOES use a real map of your area that if you DO NOT want to share your location (and I assume that’s just about all of you) do not post a picture of your character on the main map, or a picture that details a location.

That aside, I haven’t encountered anything too special so far, but here’s a rattata. :stuck_out_tongue:


I cannot play the game yet
not out in the UK
but I bet I have a Legendary just in my backyard

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you can get it in the uk, just download the apk. only the store page is region locked

Well there is a rumour saying you can be Banned for using I
APK to download it

Now, the ultimate question. Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur?

Which will the board members and TTV cast pick?!

I got this last night and found a bulbasar in my backyard. Nothing else though

no one i know has been hit yet and technically the app isnt region locked. @Aegyptiacus DAT BULBOISAUR

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I can’t get this yet, but when and if I can, I’ll be excited.

Tried it out just now, it’s pretty cool! Morning runs just got a whole lot more enticing. +10/10 motivation

Managed to get to level 4 and caught most of the local Pokemon within an hour out and about.

I couldnt catch any near my house, but after I got to work I caught an Eevee and a Spearow within 5 minutes of each other, so that was cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got it I didn’t realize it was out yet but the dumb servers are experiencing issues

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Super hyped for this game. Not out in Canada yet but I can’t wait- (Cue Pokemon Theme Song)

It’s really fun so far, even if they need to fix the servers.

Yeah, servers need massive overhauls.

On a side note I found this Gloom last night.
(Looks at time)
Or rather… this morning. Lel

Well, I guess it’s time to restart using a google sign in. The app buffers infinitely if I log into it via trainer account, which sucks because I have to start over. I checked and the game servers and the Pokemon setvers are both open now. It seems they REALLY didn’t test this game much pre launch.

EDIT2: woo


So whats the benefit of having this app? Can you transfer these Pokemon into your 3DS games?

No, You just walk around catching Pokemon

Thats kinda pointless doncha think? At least make it useful in other forms of games. Like make me legit want to go out as a benefit for getting stuff for the real pokemon games.

No, no they arent.

Aren’t all video games when you think about it?


Eh, it’s fun. Kinda pointless other than filling up the dex, but I enjoy it.
I would like if you could transfer the Pokemon though.


Well one problem I can see right now
Is only the first 150 are in the game

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