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Is seven worthy of being a prime number?

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Haven’t really had a good chance to listen to many of the songs that closely, but I like the overall vibe. Ammunition is a great track.

(This is more for @prpldragon and @IllustriousVar)
Why are you doing your vessel exclusive Undertale game now?
I’m not trying to be offensive, but, in my opinion, form a business perspective, that doesn’t make any sense. I would try to get a greater YouTube population before I ask people for their money for a popular (To be honest, I have know idea what Undertale is) game. Or, even better, put a trailer for it on the YouTube channel so more people will come to view/see it. However, I would probably first do a lets play for Minecraft but with the Biocraft resource pack, so you can, most likely, get a large chunk of people to view your channel, and then do an Undertale trailer on the channel about it being a vessel exclusive. Then, some of the new people who subscribed for Minecraft and who are also interested in Undertale could see the trailer and subscribe to your vessel account (paying $3/month of course). I feel handling that kind of situation would bring more user interaction, popularity, and,eventually, money to the TTV.

Because not every thing we do has to be about making money or running a business.

We didn’t purchase Undertale with the intent on making a profit, we just wanted to play a cool video game and share our experience with our more dedicated fans.

This has never been something we’ve intended on marketing to our larger audience because they are not subscribed to us for video games. This is not even an official show. It’s just me and Prpl hanging out and playing a game.

It’s not something that fits with our usual content and is not something that belongs on our channel. It’s something that we decided to do for fun, and if we weren’t on Vessel we wouldn’t have recorded it at all. But we figured we’d let our early access subscribers enjoy some quick and easy videos that we otherwise would have never made public because those are the viewers that actually care.

All of our Vessel exclusive videos (The After Show and Undertale playthrough) have been videos with the curtain off. We aren’t putting on a show. We’re just having fun.

To be quite frank, the bigger our channel get’s the less connected I feel with our audience. Sometimes it’s nice to have some videos that only a few people will ever see. I get to actually read their comments and enjoy what they have to say. It’s a nice escape from the over-produced stuff we put on YouTube where half the comments are negative or mean nothing.

I like Vessel a lot. The people on it are fantastic, kind, and I enjoy making videos for them. We will never take away content from our core audience, but any extra videos we decide to do that doesn’t fit with our channel will likely be Vessel exclusive.


Let’s Plays do not do well on our channel. Our audience doesn’t like them. We still like doing them. Our compromise is to use them as personality based content for people that would be invested in our personalities - aka most people on Vessel.

Don’t get me wrong - I would love it if our Let’s Plays took off. They’re way easier to produce, they fit our personalities and the way we run, and they’re much less taxing and less research driven then what we do normally. But they don’t, and we’re dealing with a very saturated market if we were to ditch our LEGO audience and just do those. So this is the best way to reach the audience that would appreciate it the most.


Will you help us with stuff like this? (He wants us to flag the videos)

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TTV isn’t a Let’s Play channel. They’re a Bionicle channel. It’s fairly safe to assume that the only Let’s Plays they’d release to their entire audience would be the ones that involve Bionicle games. (Bionicle: The Game, Bionicle Heroes, etc.)

That was really well worded. I would get vessel if I had the time to watch the podcast more…

Huh. I thought the Lego Worlds one was doing pretty well. :confused:

Anyway, what’s your favorite part about Vessel?

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It was, but then all the footage was lost :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was lost with Wanda.

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@IllustriousVar @Kahi
Thank you both for answering my question!
I feel kind of bad though

I’m only 15! I can’t buy Legos and pay $3/ month :cry: (O.K. I might, but …(someone help me. I can’t think of a good excuse!))

But yeah, thank you again! It makes sense, however…

To be honest, as the TTV is now, I feel as though the majority of your audience feels left out of your videos. Some channels (that I watch) have their viewers comment on what they some build/do next in a lets-play.
I find that the TTV channel is missing that connection. The Boards are awesome, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great place to connect. But most people want to see something the channel plays that they play as well on a channel - not just people’s opinions. Which is what I would want to see - a lets play of you all playing Bionicle Heroes or something where you race against each other trying to get to a certain level or something; like your TTV game nights or, as others have said, Lego Worlds. I like your podcasts and all but sometimes, as @Mrblackpants has stated, people don’t have the time to watch them. As a group, you’ve started awesome things - Biocraft, On Air, the Message Boards, the shirts, Ven’s stopmotions, but none of it, except the shirts, has reached, I assume, the goal you’ve wanted it to. Please take my thoughts into consideration. You guys are awesome, and I will follow/watch your stuff no matter what! Thank you
P.S. I know that wasn’t really a question, but I wanted to thank you guys for responding. :grinning:


So since you guys have banned leaks from the site, will @Mesonak still go on the hunt for leaks?

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I really agree with this. It’s something I’ve felt a lot lately.


Hey @IllustriousVar or @prpldragon did any of you likes Cowpokes?

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idk what that is so probably not


Could someone (preferably the TTV) tell me the bios on the TTV’S MoCs? Their backstories, powers, traits, weapons, etc. It’s for a fanfic I’m working on. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Annnnndddddd GO!!!

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Simply put, there isn’t one. Not for me anyway.

what about Eljay, Meso and the rest?

Will Prpl ever be a cast member and a regular on the channel?

I like the new personality on the Podcast.