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@ToaCalderon It's been leaked by at least two people and there is little to no way that the leaks are fake, so... Yes. It's coming back.

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What exactly is Applego, and why does everyone hate it?

@Tuma It was mostly a fan thing, it's called The Four Virtues Episode #4 and it's on my YouTube channel. I recorded, edited it and outlined what would be discussed in the video but that's it for TTV participation. Two of the mods on this site though were in it. stuck_out_tongue


@TenebraeInvictus Oh ok, thanks Invi It was a very good by the way, I think a second video would be great idea.




I actually have another question, regarding post content. Is it ok to mention other forums and podcasts that are/aren't Bionicle related?

One question for an upcoming series:

Who will host "History of BIONICLE"? Will it just be one member, or will it be a group of the TTV members?

If that series is what I suspect it to be, I think Eljay will be hosting it. stuck_out_tongue

I think it's Viper with her first show. which is good since Viper is awesome (really, anyone who recognizes Zaktan's greatness is awesome)


You try working with him for four years and see if you don't hate him by the end of it :wink:

Huh, that sounds like a nice idea. Let me look into it.

Because of the sources we have and the coincidences that would have to happen for everything to be false, most of us at TTV are pretty convinced it's back. But there's no official confirmation, so it's still technically a rumor and you should always take stuff like this that isn't official with a grain of salt.

Everyone does, but we end up replying with our own personal accounts to the YouTube comments a lot of the time so you know who's who.

The forums are part of a whole new wave we're planning on doing for TTV now that Bionicle is coming back. A lot of older segments that we did for BZP, like Q&A and forum highlights, might see a return in some way, shape or form. I can't say it's official or anything, but we will keep it in mind.

It's a joke in TTV Episode 105 that Eljay made about a dystopian future where Apple and Lego have merged. There's the animated podcast about it too, if you don't want to listen to the whole thing.

You can mention them, but please save direct advertising of stuff like that for the advertising forum. That's supposed to be a privileged for dedicated members of this forum, and we don't want to invalidate that by letting people do that whenever they want to on the forum. That being said, mentioning stuff that's pretty well known anyways like Eurobricks or Jangbricks or something is perfectly fine.

I wrote the initial draft with a lot of help by Eljay, and then Eljay and Var went over it with a fine toothcomb and made it really great. Viper is the one that will be narrating it, though. She's done a fantastic job with it so far, and I'm really excited for you guys to see the final product.

3 Likes one answered my useless question..

Well, thank you for answering. Now I know the works will be put behind the series. :smiley:

next week or the week after that, depending on if he reviews Toa Iruini and Norik


I think he meant his potato question.

oh. that makes more sense

honestly I had no idea what you were talking about

its also the most important question of the world

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you asked a question after the potato one about when the 2005 Bionicle reviews would end, and when I scrolled up that's the first one I saw.

Probably answering someone else's question.

I was answering toabrutaka

this has gotten very confusing