TTV Secret Santa

Update: Sign ups are closed.

Ahh, you can smell the Christmas magic in the air!

Everyone loves getting Lego for Christmas, so why not have a message boards Secret Santa? Of course you won't have to send real sets (although they would be greatly appreciated) but you can make a creation in someone's honor. Their Self-MOC, a CCBS Stocking Stuffer, Artwork, a poem, anything is welcome!

Sign ups will end December 10th at 24:00. After I get the list I'll descretely message you who to make your gift for. You don't have to post your gift as soon as it's finished, but you should have it posted by December 24.

When you sign up list 3 things you like so people know what to make for you.

Happy Holidays!

Sign up list:
1 @Mayple
2 @Ranaki_Pakewa
3 @JMP
4 @Booster_Gold
5 @TheRed1s
6 @Whaddon
7 @The_Baron
8 @PakariNation99
9 @Ranger_Xevy
10 @xX_TChalla_Xx
11 @helryx
12 @HewkiiDaKohliiHead
13 @PekekoaOfJungle
14 @Ninjanicktf
15 @Leoxandar
16 @prpldragon
17 @SammySpartan
18 @Toa_Taruho
19 @Clever_Username
20. @WOLKsite


So in theory, if I wanted to send someone an actual set, I would have to know their P.O box or house address... Thaaaaaat doesn't exactly seem safe...

Ah well, we're all pretty smart people, I'm sure we can figure something out

Three things I like
1) Terak
2) Stories
3) Explosions


I might as well sign up for this.

Robots, Reptiles, and Art/Stories about myself. :3


Artwork, Artwork of Self MOC, edgy stuff Robots

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I dunno, I guess I might do this, just note though, I'm not a good writer, MOCcer, or artist. I might think up something though. XD

BIONICLE, DC Comics, Transformers Armada

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i'll do it

A revamp of one of my MOCs (here or on my DeviantArt account), an art of some kind (preferably a replacement for my avatar, but anything works) or a gargantuan smiley face built in Lego Digital Designer.

-My DA Account

-Lego Digital Designer

I'm in @Triple

League of Legends

Dungeons & Dragons

World of Warcraft

(I wish I could have added more)

This looks fun, i'll see what i can cook up when finals end.

I like ;

-Anything absurdely over the top
-Mexican foods (send some over if you don't have any ideas)
-Abstract artwork


Yea sure, sounds fun!

  • Artwork of one of my MOCs
  • A Self-MOC build
  • A drawing of my self-MOC's pet, Quake the Turtle, who can be found on MOCPages

Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Ok I'm in.

  • Power armor
  • Railguns (Or coilguns/gaussguns if they are named correctly)
  • Red/black color schemes.

I'll sign up.
I like stories, poems, and anything purple and black.

Hmmm might as well :skull: :+1:

The color teal, the anime Fairy Tail, and Mandalorian armor.

That's excluding bionicle, which we all like :wink:

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Joining bandwagon.jpeg


-Dank Memes


This sounds cool! :smile:

I like anything that has to do with Dinosaurs, Transformers, and Halo.


I did one of these on Deviant art last year, and it was fun! Sign me up!

I like Anime, Transformers, and Comic Books.

I'll do it.

I like fan art, good Bionicle fanfiction, and stop-motion.

all i can do is draw but i'll do it

i liiiike uuhhh
dragons (or any reptile)///(specifically purple ones)


If I can still sign up, I'll do it.

I like basically all Nintendo (sans Mario), Halo, and I've always wanted to see someone draw or MoC my Self-MoC.

Only a couple hours before sign up closes, so I'll sign up now!

I like:

I'll sign up. Cause erryone knows who I am, right?



I like sloths (actually not but it's my internet joke persona schtik thing, so yep), anime (because it's anime, uguu kawaii san chan baka nerd), and good vidja gams. Not crappy games like Halo (SHOTS FIRED) or Minecraft (ARROWS FIRED) but good games. HAVE FUN! <3

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