TTV Secret Wars

So for those who don't know, Marvel's Secret Wars(90's and the '15 ones) are basically a giant crossover of Marvel's most popular characters where they get to battle it out on 'Battle world.' great name, I konw

So what if the TTV message boards had a secret war?(not a literal one, only a fictional one involving self-MoCs or something) Who would participate? What sides would they/you take and why? Discuss.


I'd be on the Toa Noscope's Side. Then, the combined might will crush all that oppose my fire and water abilities.

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Are we taking sides here?

I for one would want to make an alliance as soon as possible with those I "trust" the most.

Idk, people who like 2015 vs. people who don't?

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What? A secret war? Who would fight? Let's see... Only Admins, Mods, and Masters have powers, so protectors could not fight unless they have the right equipment...


I would participate, and become my own faction.
Flamenco Overdrive

We would fight everyone, using the power of Spanish Dance.

I think this has quite the potential. I'll keep an eye on this.

lets see

Admin and mods have their own faction

Masters another

Protectors maybe?

So lets see

if we think about it in another term
lets say fanbases

TF fans

Weeaboo Slobs

General Nerds



2015 bionicle

Superhero stuff
(mahvel and daycay)

I don't quite like the idea of Secret Wars
But maybe Civil War esc thing?


Would a Civil War be all that different?

What did you say???

I'd imagine being super action packed. Or very Game of Thrones-ish.


I might as well just change the name to civil war.
But whatever.

I could imagine it'd be an anarchy vs. order. trust level 1-2's being pawns in an ultimate battle between Nyran and whoever.


I would be on whichever side Nyran is.


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Why does humanity see Order and Chaos as opposites when they are actually quite similar?


You in one army. Us Mods with take you down, skrub!

I would love to lead my own group against the mods in a secret war.

Although I think 'Eljay vs. Varderan' would be a more interesting thing to take sides over


He's right. He has the power of the ban hammer.
I guess I'll side with the Mods in this fight...

Indeed, and Risebell isn't worthy of such a hammer.

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Hmm, if I had a faction...

This is hard. Because while I can understand the idea of a united Mod Alliance, y'all must surely have noticed that some of the other Staff and I... don't really um...see eye to eye.

So I can only imagine I'd have my own faction, stupid and pretentious sounding as it is.


Dude, Nyran, buddy.

Nyran and Rise vs. The mods(and whoever else)