TTV Shirt designs, from fan?

Will TTV ever be accepting shirt deigns from the fans?
I think that would be cool ^_^

Even if not, I think it would be cool if people posted some shirt concepts here smiley

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I think they said they'd do contests to have fans make shirt designs.

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As of right now we will not be accepting designs from fans.

However, this is an idea I've expressed interest in doing before.

I wish to support creative endeavors to the best of my abilities, and since I know there are plenty of young artists out there in our community who aspire towards a career in the industry I'd personally love to help get them established. It isn't easy growing a following, especially for art- so if we can use TTV as a platform to help artists then I'm all for it.

So while we aren't doing this yet, this is definitely something we'll keep in mind for the future :smile:

As for right now, since you're questions been answered, topic closed.

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