TTV-Tale (TTV+Undertale)

So I decided to do some TTV fan art again:

So here we have Eljay as the great Papyrus! Mesonak as Sans, and Viper as Frisk.

I couldn’t draw a Miru, so I gave Papyrus’ skull some Miru features.

If you guys want me to clean this up and color it, just let me know.

Any suggestions for anyone else from TTV you want to see as an Undertale Character? I have a few ideas in mind, but I open to suggestions.


oH OH OH I’ve got ideas.

  • Var- Undyne/Asgore
  • Meso- Sans
  • Eljay- Papyrus/Flowey
  • Kahi- Mettaton (cuz they both do business stuff and have fabulous hair)
  • Venom- Lemon Bread (it looks like venom kinda)/Asgore
  • Viper- Frisk/Asriel/Chara (true pacifist, not genocide)
  • Takuma- Undyne/Alphys
  • Exx- (Greater/Lesser/Any) Dog/Asriel

I’m definitely considering drawing Var as Asgore.

I’ll have to give that a try.

That just gave me an idea.

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This is amazing, Why is no one here ?

lemmie just
Exx- (Temmie/Temmie/bob)


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This is my version:
Var as Temmie (because of all the plugging he does)
Takuma as Napstablook
Kahi as Mettaton
Viper as Alphys
Prpl as Undyne
Meso as Sans
Ven as Papyrus
Eljay as Flowey
exx as Monster kid
I’m actually working on a piece of fanart for it now!

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Oh my god! The Papeljay is amazing.

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This is nice, now make Exx Temmie

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You want me to draw Exx Temmie? I think I could do that. Don’t know if it will be here on the boards though…

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But… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?