TTV Talks about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I wasn’t sure whether I should make a new topic for this given that there already is one in the entertainment section, but I felt like I would make one to discuss specifically the talking points of the TTV cast, plus this is noteworthy with the fact that this is the first time Prpldragon has appeared as a cast member. If I should move this into the main threat, feel free to tell me. I’ll also have my reaction to the points brought up in spoiler tags.

[spoiler]- With the Prequels and CG environments, believe it or not… it’s exaggerated. As in, the claims. Of course that means nothing about how you view the movie, but with technical aspects there’s more practical stuff than people realise. It just looks the way it does because they wanted to have the Republic look all shiny and advanced before the Empire came and messed things up. Of course updated effects and stuff are a thing too though. I guess another thing I’ll say is that I think some CGI elements in The Force Awakens were worse than anything in the Prequels, which if there’s anything I have an issue with I just think it’s because it’s dated. I’m mainly thinking of those weird tentacle monsters and Snoke (who to be honest looked like an undead Orc/Voldemort :V). Maz Kanata wasn’t bad in herself, but her being the only CGI creation in a castle full of costumes and puppets made her really stand out, and not in a good way.

  • Okay, suggestion of a creature not being practical, that’s new. XD
  • I might be a grump, but I actually didn’t find most stuff funny in this. :stuck_out_tongue: Kylo Ren getting all angry and destroying stuff though was hilarious however, like I laughed out loud in the cinema. The mind trick scene I also found funny.
  • Actually disagree in how the big death was sudden, as soon as I saw Han Solo and Kylo Ren face each other I was thinking “is Han gonna survive or get killed?” I did have the feeling he was going to die, but when I saw that scene, that feeling increased and I was hoping they’d try and subvert our expectations and have Kylo just push Solo out of the way, but of course he went full force. Also an interesting edition from TFA novel about Han - apparently Leia didn’t actually tell him about Snoke for a while and some other Jedi stuff because she felt like he wouldn’t be helpful and just push Kylo further into the dark side. Of course what’s in the movie is most important but the novel does have interesting stuff that suggests what may have been cut or implications for the sequels.
  • Actually agree that having the father reveal be in simple exposition actually works mainly for as you said the whole scene where they can discuss it. Actually never considered that Carrie Fisher could be phoning it in, thought she was fine.
  • Okay, I agree on the Jedi mind trick scene, that part REALLY confused me. The only way I thought it could be possible was maybe learning from reading Kylo’s mind?
  • The idea that Rey’s memories were erased to protect her and she had some training is an interesting one. Also note that Rey is good with her staff, so that could sort of work into lightsabre use in a way? And yeah, Luke and Anakin are just as if not more unbelievable (kid Anakin blowing up the droid control ship, anyone? I actually like the Prequels a lot if you couldn’t tell from my first comment but even I will admit that this is really far fetched and silly looking). Also this isn’t even the first time a female character has been viewed this way in Star Wars, I think there’s EU examples but the one I’m most familiar with is Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars, who got a lot of comments about how unbelievable she was (especially with the “Anakin had a padawan?!” comments).
  • Oh yeah, with Finn and Poe, they have actually become the fan favourite ship in many circles, and not just viewed as a bromance. I’m not too sure on the evidence, like the “Snoke is Darth Plagueis” theory I think it can be taken either way, but I’d love to see both of those things on screen just for a refreshing romance and a female character that for once that doesn’t have a love interest (though Finn did kind of hit on Rey apparently, I was kind of hoping that they’d have the male and female lead just be good friends and not go the obvious route and make them fall in love).
  • With it being too similar to Episode IV, I have to admit that it did get a bit TOO similar in many ways. I have heard that it may have been a necessary evil from a marketing standpoint, in that they’re beginning the new set of movies with something safe and familiar and are going to do bigger things with what they have set up in the later movies. There’s even rumours of Hayden Christensen returning for Episode VIII, which could be an extension of an idea for VII where Anakin’s force ghost would appear but because he only committed one act to have him considered “light,” he would actually fluctuate between himself and a Darth Vader ghost (this was revealed in The Force Awakens concept art book, among other things).

Overall, I think it’s far from perfect and feel like it’s pretty overhyped (I’m actually curious to hear Takuma’s thoughts because of this, I wonder if I might agree with him on some things), but I still think it’s a good movie and look forward to see where Episodes VIII and IX go.[/spoiler]

Also happy to see Prpl on the cast, and look forward to see her more in the future, maybe with some topics she might have more to say on. :smile: