TTV Talks: Injuries

I loved Speeder, or whatever his name was. He and Eljay were funny.

On the matter of injuries and stupid things we've done, they encouraged talking about it so...

My Dad was once crushing rice in the fields with his truck to help separate the grain from the stalk, driving forward and back.
Bunch of us kids were in the back, and I started playing around, pretending to fall out and hang on, that sort of thing.
Fell to the ground and was almost crushed by the back wheels of a big jungle truck.


backs away slowly


so there was this time when I was jumping on a trampoline, and on this trampoline, there were springs between a metal rod and the trampoline itself that kept it up and gave it its bounce

so you know how when one person jumps they can super bounce you right? well that happened, and I landed directly on the rod on my groin. I was paralyzed, the amount of pain I experienced there was excruciating, I just kinda slid off the side like a cartoon character because I couldn't even do anything, somehow though, nothing got broken

I avoid anything that gives me mass amounts of pain, but whenever I'm in Gym Class and we are playing any sport with a ball, I seem to get smacked in the face with it...

I cannot feel pain.
In actuality, however, I've bruised a tendon before. That was awful.

When I was a toddler, I split my chin open. Luckily, my parents are doctors; I got fixed right up without going to the hospital. Still have the scar though.

I know of one timeless injury that I got. When I was about 5 or 6, me and a bunch of other kids in my neighborhood were doing somersaults down the fairly steep hill my house was build on; I eventually went and needless to say it didn't end well, as I cracked my head slightly near some bricks places around a plant. Thankfully the wound was nothing major, as the doctor only needed to use some foamy stuff to stop bleeding.

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Hydrogen Peroxide?

Seems correct.

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I once ran under a pine tree and a branch cut my head open. It didn't hurt. What did hurt was getting the stiches and staples to close it...


I seem to be immune to injury. I've never had a major one.

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I swallowed an earring when I was a baby...

Would it be attention-hogging of me to mention that I swallowed a pellet of rat poison as a baby?

Yes. Yes it would.

Alright then. Forget I said anything.

Oh yeah, there was this one time in 7th grade during field day when we were eating lunch and the teachers said they were getting popsicles. I love popsicles so I gasped in excitement whilst banging my finger against the table. Long story short, I sprained my finger.

once, I had a pocket knife close on me. There was so much blood that my scout leader passed out.

another time, I accidentally grabbed a soldering pen at the wrong end and almost burned my finger to the tendon

another time, I crashed my bike and face planted into the pole of a stop sign.

...the dent in the sign is still there


I am going to be completely honest: I gagged a little bit here and there. Now I'm okay with video games like Doom 3, Splatter House (the most recent one), and Mortal Kombat 9; but when you start talking eye injuries, dislocated joints, and dislocated fingers: I tend to gag a bit.

Anyways, I just want to say some stuff before I share an injury story of my own:

I hope Speeder guest appears more often. Speeder and Eljay are hilarious together in my opinion.

And I got flashbacks to Le-Koro... that's all i'm going to say on that.

On to my story:
I was riding my bike up and down the road next to my house with some people. I live in the country, so not many cars drive through. Anyways, the road goes down hill and naturally I was going fast. My younger brother then decides to ghost ride his bike. He did a manuver that would send the bike moving along without him. Of course, the bike comes flying at me. Now the bike I was using had its handle bar loose and had me riding it in a pose similar to one you would use to go fast in a bike race. I looked over to my left and saw the ghost ridden bike comming straight for me. In a split second, I knew I couldn't do anything to stop it. So I closed my eyes and braced for impact... My brother's bike sent my flying in the air. I felt my head smack the road and I landed in the ditch next to said road. Surprisingly, All I got were some cuts and some patches of skin scraped off.

Before anyone says anything, I have strong bones and I don't think I was going fast enough for any serious damage... or someone was protecting me if you believe in that stuff. But jumping back to the crash: Looking back on it, it is a very interesting moment to remember.

But yup, that's mah story.

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Once upon a time there was a tree atop a hill, hanging form a branch on that tree was swing type thing. when one has swung out from the tree you are high(ish) up from the ground. The swing looked great, so I decided to try it. However silly old me decided to let go at the highest point of the ark. I plummeted to earth, and landed on my ankle.

At first I thought it was fine, because the pain went away fairly quickly. later that night, I did a bunch of running around. The next morning I couldn't put any weight on it, I needed crutches to move at all for several days...

I broke my thumb joint, and the doctors did a crap job so it swelled up and healed the wrong way, so my thumb is outta place