TTV Talks: Lego Competitors Discussion + Bionicle

Probably the best TTV Talks episode IMO. Very nice flow from one point to the next, very few jarring/awkward moments, actual funny jokes, and waves of nostalgia! Plus amazing video editing done! Images were relevant and slideshow-quick (I would usually do something else during an episode, but I actually watched it). Plus has Bionicle content.

Discuss whatever you like on the context of this episode, from your personal experience with Lego competitors, to the very strange coincidences like Blok Bots coming back in 2015 (sporting a very voodoo-heads-like feel) and "Pyro".


Everyone sounds tired at the beginning!

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that ending killed me


That was really cool...

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Blok Bots was awesome!

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It was hilarious! He was right Pyro. cat

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