TTV The Movie (2 Fan 2 Ficticionous)

Let me prefice this by saying- this is a concept with plot, not an entire movie. That being said, let's go on that plot pitch:

Okay, here's the plot: It takes place 20 years in the future and starts out with @Mesonak, who at this point is the last original TTV cast member still working with TTV, narrating the rise and fall of their Lego entertainment empire. The aforementioned fall starts at Makutafest 2018, the first (and last) Makutafest Live, where bomb goes off just as @Eljay is finally going to unmask himself. No one dies, but there are many serious injuries, and TTV's reputation is stained for ever. After the bombing, @Eljay (who turns out to actually have multiple personality disorder (a la TTE)) is admitted to an insane asylum, where he refuses to remove his Miru. @TakumaNuva disappears and is declared dead. @Black_Viper is arrested for perjury and embezzlement. @Jon (Kahi), @prpldragon, and @IllustriousVar move on with their lives and become a successful lawyer, artist (@TenebraeInvictus would have a cameo as an art critic), and comedian, respectively. But then via some leak-related discovery, @Mesonak gets pulled into a deep underworld of mystery, intrigue, and corrupt politicians (one of which will be played by @Political_Slime). I'm not quite sure what exactly will go down, but the main selling point of the film is the third act, anyway. But! About that third act. Through some turn of events, all of the TTV cast are brought back together to save the world or something (giving the trailer a Suicide Squad-esc character montage). Also, spoiler alert for the rest of this, incase by some stretch of the imagination this becomes an actual thing. Anyway, it turns out that one of the big people controlling all of this is @Black_Viper, who ended up running a gang from prison (of course called the Piraka), but even she is a pawn in a bigger game. Also, at some point they end up at sea in Norway, where they're picked up by @TakumaNuva, who actually ran away and became a pirate. He ends up bringing them the climax of the film (which of course takes place at a Mardi Gra parade), where @Eljay (who up to this point has been more or less silent) is unleashed upon the villain, and he subdues him and @Jon arrest him while Kahi does a comedy routine or something. Also, the villain will probably end up being @exxtrooper (since I can't think of what else to do with him). After all of this, TTV's reputation is restored, and an end monologue by @Mesonak happens (which is of course interrupted by a Mardi Gra), and everyone is happy. That's about it, really. It was cooler in my head. Oh, and @Eljay will probably get unmasked, too.

Now, if this were to become a legit film, it would require cameos from Greg Farshty, Ryder Winham (I hope I spelt that right), Merlin P. Mann, and C. A. Hapka. an original song by Cryoshell, and a score by Nathan Furst.


This is really grim-dark. I like it.



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I like it.

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Meso has a bomb...

Actually, @exxtrooper is the one who set the bomb.

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Var's tag is Illustrious Varderan

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John Williams or bust