TTV Transformers OC (purple dragon)

Still in progress, coloring is proving to be complex


This looks less like a transformer and more like something from warhammer 40k in my opinion


This is impressive! I can see some definite inspiration from the movie Dinobots.

Though @Holi doea have a bit of a point. There should be more “kibble” or beast bits to show it really turns into something.


Gotta say, it looks pretty good! I like all the detail. Although, maybe try and make it a bit more 3D? Some of the details, like those on the wings, look less like intersecting panels and separate parts, rather like they’re just lines added, if you catch my drift. Try and make everything it’s own.

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Edited the title for minor issues (mostly the fact that it said ‘OCs’ when there is only one character here)
~~Vladin, Toa of Fire

Although this drawing is very impressive, and it has a crap-tone of awesome details, I really can’t see it as a Transformer. For one, if you would remove the wings, he would look like a regular robot, not able to turn into anything (which is a con in most cases, unless you want to make him a Monoformer). Second, the top of the head looks a little bit like a human head with a mouthplate and two horns for me, which gives me the sensation that this is a mech of sorts, instead of an actual Transformer.

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Just doing it for purple dragon, I do have a transformation in mind, color and additional detail will help. Eljay is next and his will be way more apparent

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perhaps this should be clarified within the post itself?

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Thank you, I didn’t even realize, this is far from finished though, I still have to color on FIREALPACA and possibly add more dragon parts, though im not sure where

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