TTV Wikipedia

So this is floating around the wiki world, apparently its about to be deleted due to copyright infringement. Kinda sucks I guess, I'm sorry SWIM that this happened :/


There is still the TTV Podcast Wikia Page...

Not sure if the actual members made this, or if a fan made this.


Me and Risebell actually made that wiki. We haven't really worked on it a lot, though. frowning


Yeaaa, not much motivation.

I could begin working on it again, though. smiley

I could tell it has't been updated in a while, as a few things are outdated...

"On eBay Today - Hosted by Venom" i cri evrtim ;-;


I did a lot of work on that wiki. Then, once I'd contributed pretty much all I knew, I got too busy to work on it.

Ah, yes. I believe I made you a rollback just in case someone comes to troll the wiki, and I'm not there.