TTVatar the last mardi gras

unity duty destiny tuma, long ago the four virtues lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when applego and googleblocks attacked, only the ttvatars master of all 4 virtues, could stop them, but when the great spirit needed them most they vanished poof, 100 years passed and frodo and alena found the new ttvatar, a group named “pandemic panda”.
And although their humour is great, they have a lot to learn before they can save anyone. But Nuparu, Frodo and Alena believe they can save the world

Episode 1: the great legend of rocka nui
twas a great day, the fish seemed to return after the cold long winter and nuparu, Frodo and Alena were tasked with getting some fish for the village rocka-magna

Nuparu looked at frodo and shouted you washed my claws!!?!?! what the heck! frodo looked at him and said IT WAS A ACCIDENT
nuparu threw a rock at frodo, frodo then threw a ring back alena told them to stop, but nuparu threw another rock it missed frodo and dropped underwater , suddenly a giant cave rose to the surface open inga pathway leading downwards
“umm nuparu what did you do?” spoke frodo “dunno I aint a toa of water” said nuparu “wh-wha-whats that…glowing down there!!!” screamed alena, “nuparu you should go investagate!” said frodo “we both caused this we will BOTH investigate it” said nuparu, nuparu then jumped out of the boat into the cave frodo followed along, until suddenly the cave lit up revealing 7 chambers with strange creatures inside, one had a skull for a face, one had a gold miru and a big head, one had a watermelon, chicken and autopsy tools, one had a briefcase, another had a picture of some strange buff super tahu and letters spelling out E B A Y, another had a picture of tuma, and the last one seemed to be female and had a picture of zaktan,
man its boring up here, ugh ill go check on those two idiots" muttered alena, she then jumped down in to the cave, but she tripped and fell down landing on a button that councidencally opened the chambers, suddenly the one who bared a miru shouted that someone named mesos face was a skull!, then looked at the strange toa standing before him and saw alena and said, I know you from somewhere…just cant put my finger on it…
the strange toa introduced themselfs, " I am alena, thats nuparu and that ones frodo"
then the other strange seven introduced themself, “HELLO AND WELCOME TO T-T-” but before the skull face one could finish the one with the autopsy tools shouted “MARDI GRAS!” the others then shouted “REALLY?” “welcome to ttv…wait where are we?” spoke the skull face one out of shock “I dont think we are in the great spirit robot anymore” spoke the strange gold miru wearing one, “so you still havent told us your names” muttered frodo “well I am mesonak that guy with the gold miru is eljay, the one with the autopsy tools is varderan, the one with the ebay listings and shredder claws is venom, the one with the briefcase is kahi , the one with tuma is inviticus, and the one with the picture of zaktan is viper” meso answered back “real question is where are we” “Rocka nui of course! rocka nui is a small part of spherus magna which the great spirit blessed with tuma and mardi gras and potatoes!” exlaimed nuparu “MARDI GRAS? I MISSED THAT!” meso shouted “…well…mardi gras hasnt happened in a…long time…we fear the worst” *BOOM BOOM BANG *
“WHAT WAS THAT!?!?” everyone shouted alena went to look, outside and too shocked to even say anything she came down and said to look outside, everyone went and looked, it was a giant ship branded with applego on the side


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Being a huge ATLA fan, I got quite a chuckle out of this.

You might want to clean up some of the dialogue though.

was a bit out of it while writing it, next one (out next week) will be, a change in the way I do the dialouge

One year later…

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