Hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with “”
On internet explorer, it worked fine.

On Google Chrome, I looked like this:

Is anyone else having this issue?
If it’s just a small site update, I understand. I just want to make sure that the TTV cast knows about this.


I had it once but refreshing should fix

That’s never happened to me, but it is strange…

I will keep an eye out

Weird, I was on Chrome and it was working just fine.

It’s working for me…

Someone really needs to make an official bug discussion topic so we don’t have to have a new topic for every little issue.

I’m on chrome but that never happens to me.

It’s fine for me too.

I think I got this once, it usually doesn’t last.

Having separate topics makes it much easier to keep track of new bugs.


Well I got trouble on the boards, but keep stopped reloading.

How do you mean? Were you continuously reloading a Boards page or were you unable to reload it?

No the Boards where just crash ever time it’s got “Can’t Not Reach” Error page, but weird part, that the Mobile version works just find.

Hmmm… odd…

If you can screengrab it next time it happens, I recommend making a new Site Bugs topic about it.