TTVENGERS Infinity Eljay Leaked Footage

I made a thing

We thought Eljay was defeated but this new totaly legit footage not meant as a joke shows otherwise.

The war begins anew.

(Great work m8)

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Paging @Eljay

Not really getting any 'Infinity War' parody vibes... would work with the Civil War vibes kinda, but it seems small scale.

In terms of the editing its done fairly well, the masks covered the heads throughout pretty much all of the video. Would have suggested finding a clip of the fight that wasn't just recorded on someone's TV though.

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I thought leaks were banned.



I expected a big theatrical trailer, but this is still funny. :laughing:

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The war rages on, I see.

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Oh man, looks like the war is still going on bts.

War never ends, it merely changes its face


war never changes....


All that changes is who fights who. Even then the lines are blurred.

I've forgotten what we were fighting about. Something about Eljay's Mask coming off?

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Yeah, that's what we were fighting about.

as for the footage, as shocking as this is, I'm going to have to report you for ploading leaked footage. /s


yeah but eljay got killed. but it seems that he has come back :o

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Here I am thinking that @Waj was going to take up the mantle of CaptainJay.


Personally, I was hoping for @John_Smith.

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