TTV's Official Brickonicle Toa Designs [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters]

wait these are canon


What? The ones on the first post are canon. Which models is @PotatoAlien talking about?

I think that there’s been some confusion between Brickonicle canon and LEGO canon.

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oh well i’m honestly a bit glad that these aren’t (lego) canon

These designs are good and props to the people who created them but in the name of mata nui anyone who seriously considers bionicle changing into the lego system is foolish.
This concept totally abandons the entire concept of bionicle as a lego series; it uses its own custom pieces to make ACTION FIGURE like sets. If lego does this, which i know they will not do, bionicle g3 is destined to fail just like g2 and the entire bionicle IP will be jeopardized because retailers will not sell them anymore do to bionicles’ recent history of miserably failing. I would recommend to be out of the box of the lego systems we use now, like for example combining the old technic bionicle system and the new CCBS system together or something, but please stay far away from the idea of bringing back bionicle with the average asf lego system and CCBS system.
This may be off topic, but if we are going to bring back bionicle, be have to learn of what lego did in 2001 to get it going and it needs to be able to be aggressively marketed because in this current business environment you need to fight your way through to get stuff done.

Have you not watched the podcasts about G3? The cast has explained multiple times how the change to system is something that could have prevented G2 from flopping. Constraction is declining, outside of licensed themes like Star Wars.


While constraction is where BIONICLE got its start, the constraction brand is essentially being phased out because it’s not as profitable as it was several years ago. If they were to do a G3, I would prefer it to be SYSTEM.

I’d say it’s even declining there, since they’re down to two-four sets per-wave, it shelf-warms pretty hard.

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I explained that we need to think outside of the box in terms of constraction and that bionicle uses custom, new pieces.

How is it not as profitable as it was several years ago?

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Well… G2 didn’t last too long. They didn’t even get the third year they planned. Their whole concept was a reimagining of Bionicle with a new building style. I don’t think repeating the process would do much, even if the pieces were even more unique than what G2 did. Also, you say we need to think outside of the box. That’s exactly what the cast did for G3. System Bionicle is way outside of the box.


I mean. Do other System lines not use new custom pieces?

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2019 will be the first year since 1999 where there is no active LEGO constraction theme (that we know of so far, there could maaaaybe be a summer theme, but I doubt it).

That means something. G2 tanked horrendously, Hero Factory bled out slowly as its advertising budget was cut down harshly year-by-year. Superhero Ultrabuilds were short lived. Chima ended and its constraction subtheme was handicapped in its final wave and only saw limited release. Knights Kingdom was canned, Ben 10 got like one wave. Star Wars constraction lasted for a while, admittedly, but petered out into relatively simplistic template builds instead of doing anything truly original or out-of-the-box before ultimately having planned sets canceled despite pictures and data being released of them via catalog leaks.

Constraction has been bleeding for several years now. That’s not to say it can’t be saved, or isn’t worth saving, but the primary logic behind our decision to move forward with our “BIONICLE G3” project using system rather than constraction is because we firmly believe BIONICLE would have a stronger chance to sell well and actually get decent marketing behind it if it were a system theme.