TTV's Official Brickonicle Toa Designs [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters]

We recently revealed our finalized Toa designs during our hypothetical Bionicle G3 discussion on the latest episode of the TTV Podcast, where we have been doing a long series where we talk about what we would for a conceptual third reboot of Bionicle if it came back as a System theme.

These were all inspired by previous designs suggested to us by @Ragdoll's mask and head print concepts, @Oomatu's tribal designs and @Xeros610's color palette. Those guys are all great community artists that you should all go and support. Of course, the art and polish of these final designs are all the work of @IllustriousVar with a little bit of help from the rest of the cast.

"When times are dark and all hopes seems lost, those who call upon the gods of the elements, if they be worthy, shall be granted the power of the Toa."

Tahu, Toa of Fire. He guards the volcanic castles of Mangai, the City of the Core, with the shield of the flames bestowed to him by the God of Fire, Ikir.

Kopaka, Toa of Ice. He roams the icy plains of Ihu, the City of the Tundra, empowered with the vision of the frost by the God of Ice, Melum.

Gali, Toa of Water. She fights for the seabound ports of Naho, the City of the Tide, gifted with the breath of the waves by the God of Water, Akida.

Lewa, Toa of Wind. She soars over the floating village of Kauae, the City of the Sky, blessed with the gusts of the air by the God of Wind, Uxar.

Pohatu, Toa of Stone. He wanders the wild dunes of Motara, the City of the Desert, endowed with the speed of the sandstorm by the God of Stone, Ketar.

Onua, Toa of Earth. He meditates under the canopy of Tiro, the City of the Forest, granted the strength of the trees by the God of Earth, Terak.

With the exception of a few tweaks here and there, these designs are essentially the final designs we will be having for the Toa in our ongoing discussion of our own hypothetical G3. We would appreciate it if any future concept art and/or set concepts kept the designs of these Toa. (Obviously, set concepts can still have placeholder minifigures as these are not official and cannot be procured).


Love these designs!

Lewa needs more pink, but other than that it's pretty good


I wasn't really on board with G3 being system based, or with Lewa being a girl, but i changed my mind after seeing these designs. seriously, they look really good. there are a few things im going to nitpick. the first of which is Onua, and that he uses the same Torso as Axel, a torso that's always rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. it just makes them look too muscular, almost to the point where it's kinda silly. second is Lewa, and how she has a Cape. not gonna lie, i am NOT a fan of the cape. it just kinda makes her look like SuperGirl. also, Ace had a good idea of throwing a little bit of pink in there. it would contrast with the Blue's and Green's and stand out...

but hey, these are just my thoughts.


We went through many designs before we arrived at the finished color scheme for Lewa. Pink does not look good.


These are all really well done. Pohatu is probably my favourite.


All the yes :smiley:. By the way, if Lewa's a girl, would she refer to Tahu as Onii-chan or senpai?


they all look really really good.

I hope LEGO is reading about this, because so far there have been so much good stuff made here.


Lewa and Gali's masks are meh, and I dont really like the cape on lewa, but other than that this is really cool


These look awesome!

I'd love to have all these.

even female lewa cri


Very ideal minifigure designs! I really appreciate them, as they look like real minifigs, but still capture the look of the Toa.


Can you at least give onua a new body mold? It's really jarring to see Axl cosplaying.

I'm actually pretty on board with these designs, pohatu should have a worn shoulder cloak it fits the desert aesthetic and you're giving lewa a cape,
they could use a little more neutral tones imo but generally speaking the prints are nice,
However those masks are really, uh, I don't like them, they're a bit too uniter and not enough mata so they have this, melty? Look that just looks bad.

It just occurred to me what the masks reminded me of, the organic kanohi of the inika, yeah that's, that's not good.


I think they are supposed to be in the style of the Nuva masks.

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Everyone hates the kanohi nuva, that would have been a horrible decision.
And they are very clearly taking more inspiration from g2, some look exactly like a g2 mask.

These. Are. AWESOME!
Wait, Lewa's a girl now? :worried:


...personally I actually really liked the G2 masks, and some of the Nuva designs...

Basically my reaction. I already knew it was coming, but its still going to take getting used to.

(Not that I'm complaining or anything)
(Sorry for double-posting Mods, forgot I had already commented for a moment)

I see the new place names being incorporated, nice.
May I ask if the terms, "Ta-Matoran," "Ko-Matoran," "Ga-Matoran," etc. will still be used in the new "canon"?


I honestly in the middle with Lewa being a girl but I have an idea that would probably make other people okay. So the idea is that if the spirits/ gods grant matoran the mantle of toa, the gender of the toa relies on the gender of the matoran, meaning there could be female and male versions of the toa(as long as their is only one of each toa entity at one time)

There is something I would like to mention which is these designs are great but the designs are too complicated that Lego would do; they would do a less complicated design to not draw to the minifigures instead of the lego set. That"s just something to keep in mind for future versions


that is basicly the idea they are working with here.


My one big gripe with the designs is that they are way too cluttered and look like they would be impossible to print especially the arms and legs. I like the designs but they don't feel like real Lego minifigures, they look like well made customs.

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