TTV's Shirt of April Poll

Continuing the discussion from TTV's ■■■■■ of March Poll:

Here you will decide which ■■■■■ gets to be added to the TTV Store as the ■■■■■ of April. Your two choices are as follows:

Nak and Jay vs The Many Faces of Exx

Which design do you like more? Vote here and help decide.

  • Nak and Jay by Var
  • The Many Faces of Exx by Prpldragon
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Remember to leave a comment below to be eligible for the store discount.


Nak and Jay FTW.

Nak and Jay!

Nak and Jay.

get rejekted exx

Everything about “Nak and Jay” is perfect. Definitely that one! :slight_smile: Sorry prpl.

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Nak and Jay is great, exx keeps getting to short end :frowning: :smile:

Tbh I voted for Nak and Jay so uh

Sorry to myself…?


I vote Nak and Jay! Mnog with Meso jokes are the best!


Nak and Jay. Exxtrooper shall not recieve my love. /s

Nak and Jay made me chuckle a bit so I chose that one.


I think we should save Exx’s precious mug.
So therefore, I vote Nak and Jay.


Nak and Jay just works too well.

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At this point, Nak and Jay has pretty much won.

I am sorry Prpl, my vote is going to Nak and Jay.

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I voted for The many faces last month, but Nak and Jay gets my vote this time.

Nak and Jay
All the way!

(Sorry, couldn’t resist. Also, @IllustriousVar shirtvotething? Really?)

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Nak and Jay man.

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I didn’t vote for The Many Faces of Exx last month because I was tired of the oversaturation of PrplDragon’s Exx, and I still have that same opinion, so I’m voting for Nak and Jay.

I probably would’ve still voted for it anyway, because it’s amazing.


one is a doodle that even eljay could conjure up in 20 minutes

the other has a fair amount of detailing with a background n such

…is there a question here?