Turaga concept sketches (G3)

I don’t know a whole lot with generation 3 other than its not a real thing, the matoran are cast into a deep slumber - and lewa’s a girl now…

anyway, thought i’d come up with something, the idea was if the matoran are a sleep and not able to fend for them selvs until the toa arrive, who will protect them? the Turaga of course! the idea came from mixing the G2 idea of warrior like elders with the respected G1 characters.
iv’e only done vakama so far. the idea is that over time he’s adapted to the change on the island of - whatever - so, he’s got a spear that has the same power as one of those fire visohrak where their spinners create a burning sensation when it strikes a target, I also tried to give him a disk launcher, but i don’t like that idea much.

messy concept sketch of vakama:


Pretty cool
But to me 2 looks best for Vakama imo

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I don’t like the spiky shoulder armor Vakama has, or any of the more “violent” themes in the sketches. I just don’t think turaga in general would fight through weapons, rather than words. One would be my favorite.

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They’re pretty rad.

I not sure how well they would convert to mini figures though.

hmm, true, i could imagine them being the size of the toa, or if ttv does decide to make the toa slightly bigger, and make the matoran child size wile having these guy’s normal minfig size.

I find the poses to be a bit static, but other than that, the designs look great!