Turaga_Hewkii's MOCs

Hello all, I just started venturing in the world of mocing and do not own many pieces. So for now, they're simple but hope to improve as time goes by smile. Constructive criticism, tips, advice and all of that are always welcome smiley.

First up, my self MOC: Turaga Hewkii

Wise o' Hewkii

But is always ready for battle

Also likes to have fun

Victory Dance!

Hope you enjoyed is pics.

More to come!


I like it except the fact it uses a ugly mask...
But than again that's kind of unavoidable...


It's Toa Hewkii's mask. What do you expect?

It's not ugly... I think it looks cool.


Yeah I guess it depends on your preferences but that chin really bothers me Idk why it just does...

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That's cool,it's not everyone's cup of tea. I really like the Sanok smiley


I wonder what it looks non mutated?

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Next up is Chi Gorzan, seeing as the 2014 Ultrbuild Chima sets (not released in north america) didn't have a Gorzan set, I decided to make one of my own.

Back view

A few action poses

A calm mind is a happy mind

So he ran into me!


Dance Break

Hope you all enjoyed


That's awesome.

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Not bad, but I must inquire: how is Hewkii your self-MOC? Hewkii is a canon character
That'd be like saying "[real person who actually exists] is my alter ego"

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I like to think this applies to Chro.


I am saying I'm Batman


Turaga Hewkii is not a cannon character, he is a Elseworlds character wink He comes from where he and his toa team transferred there power to 6 matoran after the Great Toa/Dark Hunter War ended on Metru Nui (Vakama and the other 5 would be Toa were killed as Matoran, long before ever being able to become Toa) smile

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But he's still Hewkii; you took a canon character and made an alternate version of him, then claimed that he represents you

I understand that you created your own interpretation of the character but in the end it is still a preexisting canon character


I understand what you're saying. Just having some fun here. I find that I can relate to Hewkii as a character more than any character in the previous Universe so why not base a self moc on another version of the character with the same name. That's just my mindset on it anyways.

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I still feel as though you'd do better to create your own character; I may have similar values and a similar personality to a person I know, but that doesn't make us the same person - so in that vein of logic I'd say you could create your own character who is just very similar to Hewkii without actually being him

At this point I'm nitpicking and kinda fighting a losing battle so I'll leave you be laughing


It's all cool, I was just telling you where I was coming from when I made the moc. But I took everything you said as something positive and have been thinking about ideas for a new self moc, need to start making orders on BrinkLink stuck_out_tongue . Thanks for checking out my moc page Chro.


you don't seem to have a problem with


Anyway, these MOCs are pretty great! Might I ask where you got Gorzan's head?


The 2013 set Chi Gorzan.

Same place the chestplate and stickers came from.


What Nyran said :smile:

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well don't I feel like an idiot... :smile:

For some reason I thought it came from a Gorilla Grodd set (though I know none exist...)