Turaga Jovan

Hi everyone!

This is my take on the former Turaga of Voya Nui and former Toa of Magnetism, Jovan.

I took several visual cues from his Toa form to translate into his Turaga form, such as exaggerated shoulder armor, pearl grey chest armor, and black feet. His staff/badge of office, shaped in obvious reference to his Element, is the part of the build of which I am most proud. I made his mask two-tone in reference to Dume’s Kiril.

I am working on a light revamp of his Toa form, but I couldn’t wait to share this little build. Hope you like him!


I really like the build, poseable and compact. I especially like the torso design and his staff. Really good stuff all around.


@B2Nine Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot! Compact is just what I was going for, which part and parcel of a good Turaga. Glad you like him, and thanks for commenting!


I’m a sucker for a good staff and that is a good staff


@Wekua Thanks a lot! It was inspired by my Zaria staff, and I felt that one of the most defining parts of a good Turaga build is a nice staff, and I’m quite pleased with this one. Appreciate the positive feedback!


I love when people manage to make good looking mocs with a classic G1 aesthetic, well done!


@Sabretooth Thank you kindly! I feel that G1 characters look the best with the G1 aesthetic. I do cheat in little ways, like using HF bones and more modern technic pins, axles, and connectors, but for me, the G1 look is still my favorite. Thanks for the praise, and I’m glad you like him!