Turaga Kaita (Vakama Whenua Onewa)

Here’s my second Turaga Kaita made up of Vakama, Whenua and Onewa. To see my first Turaga Kaita of Matau Nokama and Nuju click here.

Unfortunately, I do not have all of Vakama and Onewa, so I had to substitute in other colors. If anyone has all three complete Turaga I would love to see this MOC in the appropriate colors.

Here we have Cyborg Onewa, Whenua, and Dark Vakama. (No Fire Staff I’m afraid.)

I drew inspiration from the Turaga Nui and the Turaga Kabaya.

I really like how this one turned out. Much more bulky than the last one and less stingy. I made two slight variations of this creation (alterations were made in the torso and the legs) and I like how the second one’s leg look best. Yes, the photos are crappy because my good camera was stolen.

It has the function that both arms spring down to attack. (Just like one of the regular Turaga’s arm does.)

I like how Vakama is more in the center with attachments all around. This reminds me of when Optimus Prime fuses with other transformers they often become legs or arms while Prime remains as the torso.

Here’s another one for you @Creep . I think you’ll like this one better @Political_Slime .

This is the first version:

Like my previous creation you can add multiple weapons and each arm.

Here’s the second version, which I like better.


I do indeed. Barring the missing colors (which you couldn’t avoid anyway), this looks really good!

Out of curiosity, can the legs move? Or rather, do they have knees?


The legs can move from the hips, but there are no bendable Knees.

Alright that’s what I assumed, but I wanted to make sure.


This one looks great


Its preety nice… both are nice =3

i love the turaga and i love this

like it

Ooh! This looks great! :smile:

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He looks Great, Tat. (Not Pekekoa’s) Fantasti-Cool!

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This is great!

You’re fired.

Ummm… Tahtorak made it. :neutral_face:


You’re not my boss. I don’t have a boss.

[quote=“PekekoaOfJungle, post:12, topic:12755”]
Ummm… Tahtorak made it.
[/quote]What are you talking about?

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I got to say this is pretty great!
Better than the original Turaga Nui.

Nice! I like it.

This looks good, but I have a question.

Wasn’t the turaga Kaita made from four turaga?

A Kaita is suppose to be a fusion of three. There was a fusion of 4 turaga. It was called the Turaga Kabaya. There was even a Bohrok Va kabaya made of 4 Bohrok Va’s. Unfortunately, these fusions came out in Asia, so those of us in the west didn’t know about it until much much later.

Here’s the instructions:


Thanks for the clarification.

Time to fix the wiki.

Building Instructions are now available on Brickshelf.

Another neat, little build I must say.