Turaga Kikag: Elder of Ze-Koro

The bio was pretty much already covered with Daws.

Kikag was the deputy of and the only living member of the Toa Hyraz.


(Front Shot)
Yep. Really similar build to Daws.
He wields a Geyser Staff and a Flake Shield, in a silver color to represent his authority.

(@Nyran shot.)

(Sends shivers down your spine)

(Height comparison with Daws and Timmeh)

Do I even need to say it now?


Nice job! Really pulls off the old, wise warrior look quite well. The elbows are way too short though. The upper torso looks gappy/unarmored, and the staff looks bland.

I love it. The color combo is great. Like the weapons too. GREAT JOB! by the way what element has the prefix Ze.

Ze is not an element. According to the Matoran Dictionary, Ze means “end”.


i think the white clip on bio-15 shells should be moved to his shins, and lengthen out the lower arms a bit. The body design is cool and this is a good choice of weapons

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I like him


He’s tall for a Turaga.

I thought it was obvious enough from the armorless pic…

@Sciencegiraffe I don’t know whether I should consider that a compliment or not.

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i figured him out