Turaga Lhikan

I’ve been wanting to build a Turaga Lhikan for a while now, and finally got around putting it together.
No idea what’s with the focus on this, might have made the camera move, gonna retake this shot when back at home. (edit: swapped the main image for a better quality one)



The legs are pretty bad, he looks like he’s Crouching
instead of hunched over


I disapprove of this MOC, Gold Good Guy was a totally valid and satisfying representation of Turaga Lhikan.


In all seriousness, I really like this MOC, especially the implementation of the Chima CCBS pieces without disturbing the flow.

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It’s just not posed properly, I was in a bit of a hurry when taking the pictures.

I mean its cool but it doesnt have the same aesthetics that the turagas all had. Still a sweet moc though.

I was gonna make that joke! :rage:

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I like how it looks, but isn’t it a little bit too tall?

“Back in my day…”
This is nifty. I wish there was a noble version for that mask, the original looks a bit odd on this one.

I might have oversized him a little I admit.

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This looks pretty good, I like it.

Really looks more like a regular-sized MOC that’s been intentionally crouched over. Regular Turaga (both in story and sets) and barely larger than Matoran without being crouched over. Your comparison puts him at almost as tall as a Toa Metru and far larger than a Metrutoran. Dunno how I feel about that.

I can see your point, guess I got a little too eager while building and didn’t notice the final size.

Im pretty sure that IS the noble Hau, cause the one turaga Lhikan uses in LOMN looks like it, plus its different to the normal Hau.

Looks really good, but…
He’s bigger than Toa Lhikan…

i think it is pretty good for lhikan

Abit too lengthy and the blue pins kill it, but its still a good build.

I like how you managed to implement the Iron Man armor pieces.


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What piece are you referring to? I only used Bionicle/Hero Factory/Chima parts

The upper leg armor, which I’m guessing is from Chima if it’s not from Iron Man.