Turaga Nuparu (First moc)

This is my first moc and I went for a turaga kind of moc and came up with a hunchbacked short-legged long-arm creature xd. Please critique bellow


Eh…the head…looks…,.like a torso.
And the textures clash so much…


k ;-;.
Anyway thank you for the helpful response.


I fail to really see how this resembles Nuparu. For a first MOC this quality is expected, but it really needs a lot of work in, well, everywhere. Just keep trying and drawing inspiration from other creations.

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I mean almost everything on the moc is custom, so I do not see how this “quality” is to be expected.

This actually works nicely as a golem creature like registeel.

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I second what BlueCel said. And if you hadn’t said it was Nuparu, I would have had no idea.

Honestly, there isn’t a lot of good I have to say about this. It looks pretty thrown-together. The legs would be good on something else, could use some more in the back, but that’s really it. The feet are too big, the torso is awkward, and the arms are pretty short. And if it is supposed to be a Turaga reimagining of Nuparu, it has no resemblance outside of the color.

But don’t let that discourage you. After all, this is only your first moc. Here are some tips so you can improve this:

  • Look at other MOCs for inspiration. This isn’t to say that you should straight up copy other people’s creations, but look at what they do and why they did it. Does it look good? Why does it look good? What techniques did they use? Why did they use the pieces they used? If you can answer these questions, you can apply them to your own creations. And if you decide to borrow techniques used in other MOCs, give credit to the creator.

  • For builds based off of something, keep features that make that thing what it is. Take Nuparu as an example. He is an Onu-Matoran/Toa, so it should have the same color scheme that you would see there. You did fine in that regard, minus the white thorns. What about his mask? You could use the Orange Pakari that he had as a Matoran, and you could then use orange as a secondary color to the black and grey of Earth. You could also use either of the masks he used as a Toa. With his Mahri mask, silver could be a good secondary color. You could also use his eye color as a secondary color, but don’t overdo it. What other features does Nuparu have? Shield? Claws? Boxor? Your Nuparu MOC should have something in common with the other representations of Nuparu. Otherwise, its just a fancy name.

  • Proportions. Like I said, this moc has tiny arms. It also has a pretty thin torso, big shoulders, and big feet. Turaga are humanoid, so this MOC should have proportions that you see in other Turaga. Generally speaking, Turaga have a short body, short arms, and short legs. “Short” can mean a lot of things, so it doesn’t have to be a particular length per say. Just know that if your MOC looks tall. or it’s arms and legs are at weird lengths to each other, stuff like that, you have the wrong proportions.

  • Colors. Like I have said, for something that is supposed to be Earth, you used the right colors for the most part. However, you didn’t use the colors in the right places. Particularly, the legs. The legs have the only silver and blue in the MOC outside of the weapon. Silver is fine if it is armor, but if that is the case than it needs to be distributed around the rest of the moc. For example, it would have been better if the Inika armor in the shoulders was also silver. You can’t do a whole lot for the blue if you need that particular piece in that particular spot, but there are other ways you could do it. For example, you could replace the blue pin with a 3-long axle and stick something on the other side, maybe a black eye/tooth piece.

  • Textures. This is pretty much the same as color. The legs here are really thorny, but the rest of the MOC is pretty smooth. If you are going to use a particular element in a particular spot, it needs to make sense to go there. To use that piece there, either the rest of the MOC should be thorny, or it should have a reason to be thorny. Nobody complains that the Piraka’s spines are thorny, because it makes sense for them to be thorny. The same could be said for the feet, though those are already too big. This would have been better if the arms and torso were thorny, or if the legs were smooth.

  • Custom ≠ good. That’s not to say that custom is bad, but that custom is not going to instantly fix everything. A MOC can use purely vanilla limbs and still look good. After all, you would say that the original sets look good, no? Custom isn’t a fix-all replacement for original designs. Rather, it is a means to do things that the original designs can’t. Just because something is custom doesn’t mean that it is better than if it weren’t. It has to look good.

There are other things that could be said, but there are probably others who could better explain them. This isn’t a very good moc. That is fine. Nobody is born with the ability to walk, or the ability to read, or the ability to write a grand story. Skill needs practice, and this is the first step. Don’t let it be the last step.


As a first moc, this is pretty cool, but there’s a ton of room for improvement to make this guy better.

Where’s the head? It’s not clear.
Also, the textures clash quite a bit, something that happens a lot with CCBS + technic, but overall I feel it needs a lot of work.

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It Looks really messy

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Did Nuparu’s head get cut off? Also. Why does he have two elbows??

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