Turaga Revamps

Hi everybody!

This is a series of revamps / recreations of some Turaga characters using a custom build. I hope you like them. You can find a better look at the frame on my Flickr. Feel free to use it for your own MOCs!

Turaga Vakama

Turaga Nokama

Turaga Matau

Turaga Nuju

Turaga Whenua

Turaga Onewa

Turaga Dume

Turaga Lhikan

Turaga Takanuva

Turaga Jovan


Great job. Interesting choice of weapons for the Metru ones. Not sure how I feel about not using the noble masks though.

I like the use of the hordika weapons for the Mata Nui Turaga.


I’m with Rukah, I think using the hordika pieces for the staffs is a nice touch. The staffs add some nice continuity to them, like they are a combination of all the sets the characters got.


Thank you all for the nice comments!

The main reason why I didn’t use the noble masks was, well, not owning them. Still, I think using their Metru ones gives them their unique personality, like an alternative universe version of the characters.

Interesting how you used the Hordika weapons for the Mata Nui Turaga, even though they changed back into their Metru forms before then. Then again, I guess those weapons translated the easiest into staff form.