Turaga Takanuva MOC

So I decided to build a turaga and this is what I made.
Also this is my first unique build, the only thing that isn't is the arms and legs. It is made of mostly technic.

And the color scheme is fairly consistent.

Here's a back image that @legomaster1378 and @Payinku wanted.


Yes, the colour scheme is pretty much there. The only thing I'd upgrade is adding some eyes to the mask. Besides that it's really cool and very creative.

Nice job and keep on mocing!

The head was just thrown together because I couldn't find a metru head.

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the torso is a unique build, honestly having a bit of trouble figuring out how it's held together, that said, I would change the hands and feet to white/silver, and overall just make it a bit more, well, silver. the color scheme it has now is to dark(little to no black is ideal for takanuva, for future reference), I know he is toa of light and shadow, but even his stars figure was white grey and silver. other than that, and what aeros said about the head, good job. I find turaga are hard to build because of the unique shape and size they have, and this is a good example of one done well.

more white
less black
needs eyes
good job


It originally wasn't going to be takanuva but the only mask that fit the color scheme was the avohkii, but I agree, the color will definitely be changed eventually.

there are a few silver masks, but the avokii was imo the best choice for a turaga, and i haven't seen a turaga takanuva before, so it has that going for it.
the staff is clever-simple.

...sorry, been reading the treespeak topic too much...


I really don't like the black/silver combo. You don't have any decent dark gold pieces, do you?

Not at all.

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Darn. :/

Takanuva being gold and white is just a personal preference. The MOC itself is good though. Can we get more pictures/angles?

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I think the 08 set should have had some gold on it(maybe what the comics did with the streaks in the gunmetal)

I agree,
A back shot would be nice.


I was going to.

Also can someone move this to creative content? I have no clue why I put this in other.


Moving to creative content....

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Moving to "LEGO Creations".

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Hurp Derp!

Thanks LegoMaster!


Yep, that back definitely needs something. Can you try attaching an armor piece to the torso? Also, I guess you can't give him a proper head, can you?


I'm still looking for my Metru head.

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Great! I recommend one of these:


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Yes! I have one of those actually. And I don't like bricklink.

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I was just using it to show you what sets it came in. Their database is very useful for that sort of thing. smile

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Hmmm, it's cool... needs more duck tape.