Turaga Takanuva

Here’s my version of Turaga Takanuva!

Design inspired in part by ids5621’s Turaga Vakama moc.

Noble Avohkii designed and modeled by Red Star Forge.


Yikes, that noble Avohkii is distended. After seing the KhingK one so frequently it makes this one look like a baboon. Good moc though; the gold on the arms is just enough to tie the piece together.

Ah this moc looks quite good. I really like the gold and in general it looks about accurate to what I think Turaga Takanuva would look like.

I think I prefer the Pakari on him. Not sure why, I think it just fits better.

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Back 2 basics

Nice, I like how you designed the cloth.

Hey Takanuva, why the long face?