Turahk and Tahu (rough concept sketch)

Doodled these two while catching up on the Brickonicle discussion episodes yesterday. There's a good chance that I'll go the full mile and make this a proper digital painting at some point, but figured I may as well post it now in case that doesn't actually end up happening.

A few minor design notes:

  • As noted on the picture, her staff is intended to resemble a dream catcher so as to play into both the web and fear(i.e. nightmares) motifs. It's made of actual parts in this rendition, but I imagine a specially molded end bit could suit it a little better.
  • The Rahkshi head, like the Toa's masks, operates like the Chima heads and is a proper mask. The actual minifig heads may have to compensate for the angular eyes by printing the pupils on the sides (or perhaps even by giving them four eyes under the mask). Additionally notable about the mask is that the pin hole would optimally be peg sized, hence room for attachment of accessories/a spine. That may not be possible, in which case we could settle for the hair accessory attachment hole size.
  • Turahk's "Nuva" symbol is Tahu's albeit upside-down. Obvious symbolism is obvious(this may be too heavy handed).
  • Turahk as depicted here is female- Reason being is simple as spiders have sexual dimorphism. That said, I would not set this choice in stone by any means; scary spider lady seems like a bit of an archetype at this point, it might actually be worthwhile to make Turahk male just in the interest of avoiding cliche.

I know it's pretty basic at this point, but figured I'd share it regardless


Looks great! Now I want to see the finished product. Also, love the attention to detail with the parts being used, makes it all just a little bit better. I like the dream catcher bit, too.

Make Tahu's legs less unnaturally bent if you do a complete picture please, because honestly, how is his left foot like that?

Also love Tahu's response.

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I may have stretched a bit too far for the sake of more dramatic posing here- You're at no fault for pointing out that left leg. I'll fix it up if/when I get the chance to go over this.

Thank you!

Oh dear, now I have the mental image of a Spooder Rahk gent

nice art btw

Nice, I like the idea of the dreamcatcher staff.