Turondos: Okotan Cave Creatures

This is a moc i made that i made from the parts of Onua Uniter and Terak, (So if you want to see a tutorial, i can make one on my youtube channel)
Storytime: When okotans started to move in to the Earth region on okoto. They started to found there first villages and they encountered the Turondos. The Turondos are large predatory creatures that live deep underground and usually feed on small cave crabs, but when the okotans appeared they quickly adapted to the new food source and had many conflics with the settlers. Now the local okotans have learned to tame the Turondos to defend there villages from skull spiders because the creatures have a natural poison spitter (the stud shuter) and are very powerfull.
So yeah, thats there story. here are some pictures.


this is so cool ! i wish this was an actual set.


This is awesome, love the aysymmetrical aesthetic and the drill tail.


@Atomik @Stoax Thanks!

He has a very interesting appearance. Nice job

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Thanks, my inspiration was of a bear and of a giant sloth

This looks awesome!


I really like this pose, reminds me of a sloth and thusly 5 points go to you, the MOC looks well made and well done i'm giving it 9/10 because it's an earth sloth that walks wrong sometimes


Don't worry, another one is coming and he's gonna be cool

Well, if it has an under-gun this is 10/10.

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Aaaaaand it's out!! Check the moc list, it's not as great as the first one but its out. And you'll probably get why I said it was gonna be cool

AAAND there is now another one up, check the forum

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Nice MOC.

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This is awesome! I really like the way you incorporated the gun in the chest

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