Tusval, Toa of Gravity v3

Let me just preface this by asking if anyone could give me a bricklink reference for tires that would fit on places where he is skinny, cause I sure don't know where to start

Gender: Male

Element: Gravity

Kanohi: Komau

Tools: Sword of Channeling

Traits: Somewhat awkward, withdrawn, Hatred of evil

Oh, and also he is my secondary selfMOC. Just throwing that out there.


This is pretty good man. The light grey on his back could be covered up though. 8/10

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His arms seem too short to me, but other than that he's fine.

Chest struts out a bit, but a very good job.

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Pretty good job, though I've never liked the noble Komau (personal preference).

This is...

This is really amazing!


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Great Moc! My only gripe is the sword, it doesn't really fit the Moc. I think it would be worthwhile to try and come up with a better design

I really like this moc the proportions are really nice

Wow. Pure awesomeness.

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@Keravnos Ah, durn. I knew I should have kept those friction extenders

@Darkling That isn't actually his primary weapon, sorry for the little fib. His primary weapon is a scythe.

Good, but it's kinda bland for some reason. Dunno why.

Very cool! Probably one of my favorite Toa of Gravity

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Well, I'd ask you why, but y'know. Are his many greebles insufficient?

There are just enough greebles for my liking, but still, it irks me. Eh, A+ anyway.

Heyt windfall. This MoC is so amazing. The amour is really well done and I really like his mask(did you paint it?).

I love the color scheme on this MOC. Good job indeed on the MOC.

Too be fair, arms don't go down all the way to the knees.

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This is what I want my toa of granite to look like summed up in one post! Good job m8

Kay... So you got the colours right... Gender is good... ...Alright, no canon-breaking mistakes, on to the review.

So, he has a Knights Kingdom sword, so immediate +100 points, but the mask and Knights Kingdom Armor on the lower legs look like they were made black with a sharpie, and they look pretty bad, but the torso is amazing, and I like the little details on the arms, so Imma go ahead and give this guy a 8.5/10.

Great work!

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You know me...

Don't worry, I working on a solution for the painting.

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Mmm... This looks fantastic. Although the sword would be better if it were the same colors as the mask and shin bits you painted (I assume that's your work) :stuck_out_tongue:

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