Tuyet, Dark Sellsword (ver. Astray)

Don’t hide baby, show them just how deep it goes!
Don’t mind the cameras, let them see your
black heart, baby!"
Pendulum, “Different”

A former member of the Mangai, Tuyet hopes for a better future. Stolen away by a mysterious organization many years ago, she struggles to trust anyone - a behavior that’s only heightened on Spherus Magna. Now a wandering mercenary, she searches for a place to belong - and a way to remove the Nui Stone trapped inside her…

Howdy folks! Recently I bought a new lightbox, and have begun to slowly take photos of the various mocs that are overtaking my desk space. Tuyet here is the first, as I promised somebody over on instagram.

She was originally built during the duckbricks contest a few months back, and as such, takes some minor inspiration from the finalists.

Her Mask of Intangibility is designed by KhingK, and was physically made by Buryu. The torso design is by Axelbro.

So I’ve never really vibed with the idea that Tuyet’s fully evil. It made way more sense to me that she started off with warped morals, then went off the deep end in canon. In my 'verse, she’s more “morally gray”, and trying to do the right thing.

Here’s a pic with Nidhikiwho will always be a wip,

And Lhikan.

That’s all I got for now. If you’ve got any constructive criticism, feel free to comment! Thanks for reading!


hot ■■■■ that may be one of my favourite tuyets!

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I love your photography here. It’s great seeing someone who knows how to take good pictures of their MOCs.

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Ooh the gunmetal/metru blue color combo looks really good here. Very nice Tuyet moc, sword is neat as well.

And yeah I agree with @DuneToa the picture quality is quite nice.

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Wow, that’s an amazing Tuyet. Love all the armor you have on that Metru build, especially the shoulder plates. Her sword is so menacing, and the gunmetal grey on that blue sure sells that moral grey vibe. Maybe you could fill in some spots with trans-red pieces to represent the nui shards, or maybe give her some back detail(maybe a plate or something? Admittedly it’s hard to work with Metru backs). Beautiful moc, long live the empress
(Also, what’s a wip?)


Thanks, all! Appreciate the compliments. On specifics:

Thanks a bunch! I’m really just using my phone and some basics I’ve picked up along the way, but I suppose it goes to show the importance of decent lighting.

Definitely the intention with the studs! I do think it could be more prevalent; as there’s some parts under the armor that don’t shine through at all, which is a tad frustrating. I might experiment with some other parts.

Fair point! I’ve used an inika shoulder before, and the other two Mangai have gears to imply functionality, so I might mess around with that a bit more. (Also, “wip” is just a shorthand for “work in progress”. Now you know! Lucky 1000!)

Thanks again, folks!

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