Tuyet the Dragon Empress (Duckbricks Fanon Contest #1)

Welp, here she is.

(Entry Photo)

(Height comparison)

Outdated photos

Ideas and Inspiration

Overall, I definitely wanted to make my Tuyet based on the Toa Empire universe, and decided to give her a slight dragon aesthetic. I figured that being on the team which took down a Kanohi Dragon would be a crowing moment, so I designed her broadsword as if it were dragon bones, and gave a dragon design to her cloak.

Her sword being large made sense to me as well considering she was able to use Axon’s axe with enough force to knock Miserix into Helryx.

Additional Photos

Build Breakdown




Head and Body

Nui Stone

Despite what your eyes may tell you, the Nui Stone is actually just two pieces, those being a two length red axle and a dark translucent red bohrok eye. Make sure to put the axle in on the right side

Cloak Instructions

The Cloak was fully designed and constructed by me, but I did make a stencil for the design, and a picture of the cloak when flat


Cloak with measurements

The cloak portion should be fairly straight forward, all you have to do is cut that half circle shape with the measurements provided, and drape it over your Tuyet. The holes cut to allow the chain and shoulder armor to go through are best eye balled, as even I did not do it perfectly. Feel around for where the shoulder armor needs to connect, and cut small slits for each one.

When using the stencil, I placed it on a document, and had the entire images dimensions at about 7 inches tall, and 6.5 inches wide if my memory is correct. Being off is not a big deal, as the size is up to you.

Once you have the stencil printed out, don’t bother cutting it out super precise, as it’s only a general idea of the shape you want. Place the stencil on top of some cloth, and use your preferred cutting tool to cut out the cloth. Once you have the rough shape, take away the stencil, and make cuts as you see fit, until you have the dragon shape you want.

To sew on the dragon, I used a technique which leaves minimal thread visible on the outside, but probably use black or dark blue thread regardless. The technique is very simple, and I use it a lot, but it is tedious. Basically, you push the needle through from the underside of your cloth (The side you don’t want people to see), then put the needle directly next to where it came from. Tie a knot, clip off most but not all the excess thread, and repeat again in several key points to make sure the dragon stays up against the cloak in any position. I made about 55 of these across mine, but that number could increase or decrease depending on your commitment. Alternatively you could use a sewing machine, or any other hand sewing methods you want.

The exact position of the dragon on the cloak is up to personal preference, but mine from the head sits at about 1 inch from the left edge, and about 2 inches off the ground.

Credit to @Galva_Nize for the mask design. You can find it here
I decided not to paint it, so this is the natural color I bought it in.


oh gosh this thing looks amazing!!
The sword, cloak, and general build are really cool!


I don’t like how the rahkshi armor makes the waist look extremely slim since we can see how close it is to the torso - is there something small, maybe system, that could go in front of those pieces?

Not going to specify how to accomplish it or anything more specific since, y’know, it’s in the contest that I’m running.

EDIT: My post was flagged and removed so I’m adding the gist of the message into this one: That blue dragon shape is almost undiscernable on the cape. At first glance it looks like a tattered rag slapped onto a normal cape.


Nice sword. The shoulder pads also look nice


Well I don’t know what you mean by “slip”, but I did just notice that the waist looks thin due to how the armor covers it. I’ll see if I can find any good pieces to put there, but I think a bigger issue would be how to connect them without it bringing an unwanted layer out.


After years of being a Bionicle fan, I can now fulfill my Akaku dreams by clarifying that, as long as you don’t look at the edit indicator on my post:

I didn’t “slip”.


Now that’s a spiky broadsword, good build and best of luck for the contest


This whole model looks really good, but I particularly like the creativity to use minifigure hands on the string piece as barbs.


That sword is very nice- but Tuyet’s arms seem a little too long.


Alright, after toying around with a few options, the best solution I could find is this

It doesn’t stick out too much, it matches the rest of the armor, and it shouldn’t hinder articulation much either.

As for the dragon, I can see your point, but I think I’m happy to live with it for the time being.


I finally got the chance to update some of the photos, so the entry image has changed, as well as a few other additional photos. The extra breakdown images for what has been changed are in the proper place.