Tuyet The Power-Warped (Contest wip) by Sargos


Here is my take on Tuyet, I wanted to make her stand out despite sharing metru build, which was modified by me in a less common way (You know the connector combination that is usually used to modyfy shoulder attachment)

I can forsee the colour-scheme being the main source of discussion here, so to clearify, it consists of 3 colours: Dark blue, dark purple and metal blue. It’s the same as Lhikan’s dark red, black and dark gold.
The reason I used metal blue and dark purple are story related, I want there to be a visual representation of Tuyet’s corruption, so I decided that Dark Purple will represent the spreading of Nui-Stone’s power and corruption through Tuyet’s body, while metal blue would represent the purity that remains in her.
In order to fully demonstrate this concept Tuyet’s mask and larger armor pieces would need to have melded colour of half dark purple, half metal blue. (Like Inika Hahli’s half dark blue, half white)
My original idea was to make two versions of Tuyet, first version before the corruption with predominantly metal blue armor and the second version with predominantly dark purple armor. But I feel like melded parts would’ve worked much better and really gave Tuyet a unique flavor.

I used some piculiar parts for metal blue decoration (Since their amount is severely limited), like metal blue kraana as kneeguards and super battle-droid minifigure arms as an ornament.

She has a cloak on her left shoulder, comprised of rhakshi shell, it can be used as a shield to deflect blows and projectiles (Like the render shows). It’s also mounted on a balljoint so you can articulate it and get out of the way when posing her arms… After this and Lariska you can tell that I’m starting to really like a healthy amount of asymmetry.

The sword is just there to show-off how I can make an original weapon, I personally would still prefer the one-piece sword, but tell me if you like my version more with the dark purple energy filling it.

There is an alternative body armor version that looks more slim.


I like the rather unorthodox color scheme and use of the colors, nice job.


Interesting concept, especially given the usual tendency to depict corrupted Tuyet as just donning darker colored armor. Also The sword looks really nice.

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Loving that colour choice. The asymetrical design is also a huge win for me.
The barbed sword design is rather interesting, I like it a lo very unique.
I personally like the one with the inika foot armor and lighter rahkshi shell more.

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I wonder if they’d put a heigh restriction on Tuyet like they did with Hagah, since she’s supposed to look on part with Lhikan.

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Hopefully not, kind of a weird restriction if you ask me, since the Nuva are meant to be around the same size as the inika. So size is somewhat relative when it comes to character size but I get that collectors would want some consistency.

Incorrect. Takanuva is stated multiple times to have gotten bigger while in Karda Nui.


I stand corrected, I retract my previous statement then.

that sword is beautiful

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