Tuyet, the Traitorous Toa Mangai of Water

Edit: Made some modifications and added more images

Tuyet under the influence of the Nui Stone:

Size comparison with Toa Lhikan and My version of Toa Nidhiki:

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I couldn’t render as many images as I wanted since I was flying over to Norway. I will add more images later. These will include a size comparison.

I have no intention of building a Nui Stone moc unless it will be mandated for the contest.


That sword is really cool, but the shoulders and upper arms are way too bukly for my tastes, and the feet are just … funky. It’s a cool start, though.


Now that is a barbed broadsword.
The moc looks fine but I am not a fan of the upper body, it looks really clunky.


Great sword design!

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Very nice sword design!

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I like the simplicity in the build, it looks like a typical medium size set which is nice. I’m not a fan of the asymmetry in her shoulders nor the weird talon at the back of her feet. Other than that, nice moc.


The sword looks like a fish bone and now i feel as if I’ve discovered some horrible secret Greg intended


Not sure I’d like Tuyet having asymmetrical shoulder armor but the sword is sick!


The sword looks really great. Fantastic job there. The feet look a bit too big but I think that is just cus the legs look a bit thin, maybe add some armor to the lower legs?

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Changed Tuyets upper arms. They are now symmetrical.

That is an important piece of information that I won’t ever forget