Tuyet's Barbed Broadsword concept

Since the Tuyet contest is probably going to begin in the next few weeks or months, I was trying to figure out a good sword design that would satisfy the largest portion of the community.

It would be ideal for a new weapon like this to have a new design that doesn’t use too many pieces or it would look too bulky and heavy for what will most likely be a metru scaled toa. I would personally opt for a new custom piece, but unfortunately, many don’t have access to a 3D printer (me neither) or would rather only use existing parts.

So, how could we satisfy both sides of the community?
What I have in mind is a cross between an existing piece and a custom one. Very similar in shape to the official part to be interpreted by purists as if it was one (replace it) and at the same time, custom enough to make it look like something new that would add some personality to the winner moc and could fit with the sword’s description.

This was the result:

I took Lewa phantoka’s air saber as base for it.
As described in BS01, both sides have curved barbs for increased damage to the target. The barbs from the front are pointed downwards to make it easier to use it for slashing attacks (like the one Tuyet did against Helryx) while still keeping the increased damage. And the shape looks like sea waves to be fitting for a toa of water.

The other barbs are water themed too because of being shaped like fishing hooks. Normally, toa would protect the rahi from their environment like Lewa did in The Mask of Light, but Tuyet is different. She didn’t hesitate to kill several matoran at Metru Nui and wouldn’t mind to slay water rahi as well. This is a way to show that part of her personality. And fishing hooks do more damage when being pulled out too.

The inner lighting from the original saber was replaced with a hose because of… more water themed elements! And it has Tuyet’s name on it too.

Here is a comparison with the air saber and how it would look in a metru build:

Nokama with custom sword

Nokama with air saber

I don’t know if I will be able to use it for the contest since I don’t know how to model 3D parts in Blender yet and will most likely won’t learn in time for it. I don’t have enough skill to draw something good for the art portion either.
But I still wanted to share this idea and read what you think. Would this fit as Tuyet’s Barbed Broadsword for you?


i personally think it would look pretty awesome
although i myself have no experience with 3d modeling

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Honestly I think the perfect sword would be more Makuta krika’s blades but in sliver and with some type of crosse guard. But with that said I do like this design.


Looks deadly. good job!

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Its…beautiful.I love it.

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I like the work you put into the design! It looks pretty good.

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I always thought that piece fit the element of water more than air, and this is a compromise I’d be more than happy with.


It looks great, but also kinda exactly like the air saber.


That was the point of it, I wanted it to look very similar to the air saber for people who don’t have access to 3D printers or purists that want to replace it with the actual air saber, but maybe I made it too similar.

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Given your motivation behind the design, I don’t think that’s possible. The more similar, the better, I’d say.

I think that the contest will be interesting. There is just the right mix of things to compare Tuyet to and creative freedom to allow for a lot of interpretation. We’re going to see a lot of opinions coming up.

As a concept, I like this! It makes for a nice answer to the question of what her toa tool would look like. I think the sword will be something that the artists will apply a lot of creative expression to. The winning model and the winning artwork may have fairly different masks, weapons, and interpretations of the nut stone.

So the benefit of a piece like this is that it is an easy answer for moccists with a good design concept for Tuyet but not her sword. If you make the best Tuyet figure ever, but then totally blank on her tool, then this is something that can be used to fill that creative gap.

My only critique is that it does look a little wicked for a heroic character to wield. This could have a number of justifications though. Maybe Tuyet obtained it specifically to fight an enemy that wouldn’t go down without such a terribly damaging sword. Or perhaps Tuyet interprets the toa codes as requiring her to use the most force possible.

Either way, thanks for providing this!