Twin Raptors of Terror (below medium, but taller than small)

These dangerous twins are ferocious and have a taste for dominance. Be careful running into these terrors because they deliver a powerful chomp.


I don’t have a whole lot to say about these two. They look pretty nice, and are kinda cute in a way.

Never mind that last part.


I kinda feel bad that I made the twins “terrorize” the poor triceratops…

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What about the apatosaurus?

I’m having violent flashbacks to Beast Wars.


Don’t worry Apatosaurus only feels the bites of larger predators

So he’s just sleeping or something?

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These guys are amazing! Very creative and nice job!

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Don’t forget to come back soon for a New Year showcase

it’s more of a massage therapy secession

thanks the great feedback I’ll showcase more soon :wink:

Edited for triple post. --John Smith

Really?! He must have nerves of friggen steel! I am impressed. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the next one.

who to upload next?
A. Icthyostega
B. Therizinosaurus
C. Postosuchus
D. All 3 of them

This one.

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It will be the next upload I guess

or maybe I’ll upload the 3 of them instead
(but for sure Therizinosaurus will be first)
:wink: :smile:

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These guys have a pretty interesting torso design. Nice job

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thanks I love the Feedback everyone is giving me

They’re kinda messy-lookin but overall they’re alright. The bright colours kinda work, as if they have colourful feathers

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With all the dinosaurs you’re uploading I feel like you’re teasing a combiner / megazord. That would simply be another thing to love about the designs.

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I upload by series.
The dinosaurs are my first series planned so far.

Neat designs. I like the blue raptor.

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Would you like to see the body structure?

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Sure, why not.