Twin Skull Daggers WIP

So I have just created the first versions of two characters who will be in an upcoming You Choose Story, type thing! Their are the Twin Dagger Twins! I REALLY want you guys to help me as they will be somewhat important to the story! So any C/CS is HIGHLY welcomed!

So without further a do here are the (horrabad) TSD!:grin:

They are followers of makuta aswell, but in my story there are two makuta (THIS WILL MAKE MORE SENSE WHEN I MAKE THE STORY TOPIC SO NO HATE PLEASE!) So here is them with their symbol thing!

Here is a sketch of the symbol (it was made in under 30 seconds so :laughing:) If ANYONE could make a better version of it I would be so thankful!

So that is them! I will be updating them with your suggestions so that’s why it is a WIP, so please just give any suggestions that are CONSTRUCTIVE please don’t just say something like “ThiS sUCks aNd sO DoE U SoO U sHooLd FEeL BaD Nd go DiEsInG!!! :tongue:” So yah! Thanks for reading this SUPER long topic! RedHuna out!


Like the trans pieces used nice mocs :slight_smile:

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Neat little MOCs. My favorite has to be the red one.

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Could I do that?

Cool MOCs! I like the simple and matching aesthetic they both give off! Good job! But if I were you, I would change the chronicler’s staff out for a silver version of the other one. And give the red one more trans red, and gold, to match the mask. Oh yeah, and give the other one a silver Skull Spider mask, and, if you want to, replace the torch with one of the larger system fire piece, and you’ll be all good!

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Thanks! I will try to do as much as I can for all of those! Also if you actually could make a better version of the Lego I would be SO thankful!!!

You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was decently quick…

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So I’m dead?

These are some cool MOCs.

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