Two Av-Matoran and a Glider

His name is Atellor, a revamp of this controversial Moc

He is a socially inept inventor.

He wields a light lance and a shield made from the skull of an Avohkah

Both of which can be stored on his back.

His one and only friend is Sardo, an avid adventurer who wants to travel below Karda Nui (Swamp of Secrets).

So in order to aid him in his quest, Atellor invented the Matoran Flyer, a prototype that would eventually become the modern jetpacks of 2008.

It was designed based off certain bat-like Rahi living around Karda Nui, and its wings were even taken from one!

It was also designed as primarily a gliding pack, more so than a jetpack, in order to aid Sardo in traveling downwards. As such, it only shoots short jet streams, for its fuel is limited.

It is however, slightly malfunctional...

The Rahkshi blade on the front can be detached for combat use, as seen here.

Please comment, critique, n' such! smile


These look pretty great! smile

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I love these!
Both are simple but awesome!


Cool glider and Matoran!

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Not sure how much of a revamp it is; seems more like a palette swap to me. Also, I think I liked Nagi's torso armor better.

That aside, he's pretty good looking. Simple and all, but his aesthetic works for me. Also, I like the tidbit that his shield is an Avohkah skull.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the glider. It looks kind of like a pile of weapons with oddly blue wings.


I like the details these, and the color schemes are consistent. However, the use of basic Av-Matoran limbs and simplistic build are definite cons.


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I rebuilt the glider; it uses the same main pieces, but compacted them....hopefully not making it look "messy" anymore smile

Plus, the jet boosters can kinda adjust up and down now.


That glider pack is awesome.

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They look really good! I love the glider smile

I really like this jet pack and how it looks very much like some sort of early flying device or prototype- especially the first version

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The real reason why I made the glider was because the axle on the original 2008 Av-Matoran jetpack that I had on Sardo snapped when I dropped him on the ground by accident (stupid Rotor bootleg). That was my only Av-Matoran jetpack, so I needed to make a replacement, thus the Matoran Glider was born.

Looks like accidents really do give way to creativity stuck_out_tongue


How did you manage to break a big hunk of plastic?

Only the axle snapped

The second glider is definitely better looking than the first but I still like how the first one had the spear on top and it could be a weapon. That was a really good idea. Good job overall! You get a 10/ 10 from me! And a crocodile for no reason other than being cool stuck_out_tongue

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The jetpack is quite good.

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I really love Atellor great job

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it fits into lore

i could see it as an okoto flyer as well



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I like Atellor and the glider, not so much for Sardo.

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