Two MOCs I did for a contest

So I entered an HF MOC contest held by DrScorpionX on YT, and these were the two monstrosities I thought up stuck_out_tongue

This is Grattix.

His backstory is that he was an HF scientist who decided to become a beast himself. So he rebuilt his body with techno-organic parts and became a kaiju.

Did I mention it transforms?

This next one is the King Rex (creative, right?)

He transforms as well.

His backstory is that HF decided to make monsters to fight monsters. So The King Rex was constructed to fight the kaiju stuck_out_tongue

Thoughts? Constructive criticism?


The first reminds me of the Didact from the back. And the head. Really nice

I like how you made the T-Rex. And made it so it could transform.

The second one works exactly like a Grimlock toy in bionicle form, albiet less bulky. Also, the first one reminds me of another dinobot, idk. I guess these are dinobot-ish guys

The MOCs themselves are pretty standard but the transformations are really creative.

I actually drew my inspiration from the dinobots. So yes, I steal everything stuck_out_tongue
I steal all my ideas from other people stuck_out_tongue

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