Two Sides Of The Coin…And Two Awful Fates.

Chapter 1: “Reunion”

The loud buzzing of an alarm clock obliterates your eardrums as you smash the button on top of it. Still groggy, you climb out of your bed.
You set upon the daily routine, for today, is a great day. You have finally achieved the greatest rank of TTV CITY: Master. But, of course, such an achievement cannot go without advice, and so you have gone to a former Master, one known as, Oisli. You had reached out to him, and he had agreed to meet you at an address. You drive your car there, the many billboards of TTVS citizens covering swathes of the city like stickers.
Your gps tells you that you had arrived at your destination, an empty parking lot.
You exit your car, and a loud screeching sound fills your ears, like nails on a chalkboard,
And it drowns out everything, your thoughts, your mind, as you fall down… down.
Do you know when you feel as if everything could have gone perfectly, and only one thing made a difference? This is that, being in a dark room with a single candle. The room smells of rainwater and moss. You see a figure before you.
“Do you remember?” The figure asks.
“Remember?” You ask. However, even as you ask the question, an itch forms at the back of the inside of your head.
The figure sighs.
“I guess not. I must say, I am jealous. You finally reached master; you’ll have the respect of all of them. “
You continue looking at the figure, as he takes off his hood, underneath of which, a wooden, black mask worn over the figures face.
“I wish, when I was master, I had done something worthy of gaining a title like that. @Ghid wrote about his stories, @Rukah was a supporter. @DuneToa did amazing art. And I… well, we…”
“What do you mean “we”?” You ask, puzzled.
“We are the same person.” The figure says, every word increasing the itch.
“You wrote that invitation yourself, before what happened.”
“What did happen?” You ask, while a wraith of dread spreads throughout your body.
“You fell.” The stranger hissed. “We fell.”
“The mask shattered. You have forgotten. And it is still missing a piece." The stranger took off his mask. A large piece of it was was missing.
You struggle, as you instinctively try to get away from the mask.
“Ẅ̶̪́͒͆e̴̡̲̞͌͋̑ ̸̛̰̼̈͆s̷͈̫͇͒̿͊ḥ̷̭̲̇̿̓a̸̠͗ͅt̴̰̲͋̚ṭ̶̖̖̇͒͑e̴̯͉̻̍̃͝r̴̙̍ę̸̦̳̏d̴̝͈̄.̸͈͎͕̕”̸̺̣̉͒ “The stranger screamed, as the itch in your skull became a blinding, agonizing, burning from within.
You look towards the stranger’s face, but there is nothing there.
“I must say, the illusion you have conjured to believe in such a sham, is quite amusing. “
The stranger mused.
“But now, it is time.”
The stranger reached out his hand, fingers outstretched, and reached into your head, pulling something out. As he did, the pain retreated. Holding out the object, the stranger shows you a large, charcoal black, piece of wood. He sets it onto the mask, fitting perfectly.
From the crack between the mask, oozed a black mucus, which quickly dried.
“It is whole.” The stranger said, seemingly satisfied. “And now, to reunite.”
He picked up the mask. And then, he forced it onto your face.
You whipped your head back and forth, the pain returned, stronger than ever, ripping through you, agonizingly, as seconds seemed to be minutes, and minutes, to hours, and hours, to eternity. As the mask slowly melted, and fused to your face, entering your mind, images blasting through your mind’s eye, robbing you of what little self you had, as tendrils of thought were squeezed into your brain, and your mind was flooded with familiar memories…
And then it stopped. You look at the stranger, before he turns into dust.
Premonitions, wars, contests. You remember it all. Such beauty. Such goodness. Such agony.
It tears you to shreds, the overwhelming memories.
You stumble, panting heavily. There’s something else within the mask.
Ȉ̵̮̫̟̏͛͌̓͛̚̚T̷̛̤̩̦́̊̔̓ ̷̡̦͒̈́̇̀͝S̶̪͖̰̄͌̋̕͝Ḙ̴̢̲͙͖͍̞͚̈́E̷̡̥̝̥͔͍̖̬͊̓͘͝Ş̷̢̞͖̃̿̀ ̷̡̧̢̤̼̖̗̱̣̇́͒Y̴̡̧̺̭̼̲̠͉̿̀O̸̞͎͉͇̪̩̓͂͐͛̀́̎̊͘ͅÛ̵̫̼̳̊̀̐̽.̶͗͌͂̅̐̽͑
What have you become?
Simply what you have sown, has become yours to reap.
You stand, still reeling.
What a terrible fate.
You exit the room and are greeted by the sight of the city.
The lights seem dimmer, now, the city less polished.
A note was left on the door:
“Start what needs to happen.”-G.R.D.
You toss it away, whether or not you understood the note.
When you make it back home, its feels as though nothing had changed.
You enter the bathroom and look at the mask in the mirror. But you have changed. And by proxy, everything in your world has changed.
You smash the glass. Seven years of bad luck. It will compare to nothing of what will happen soon after. You know who you are.
You are Oisli. Bearer Of The Mask.
And they will remember.


Ironically, I don’t currently have the Master rank.


I don’t think to many people do, there’s defiantly less than there was.


and they’ll keep striking until they get better perks, too :triumph:


Well, since a lot of the masters are also writers, and by a lot I mean Ghid, it makes sense


oisli everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law


Chapter 2 “ Unnecessary Measures”

As the sun rises, it illuminates your face, the bright new dawn approaching. You lean back in your chair, stretching out your back. In your hands lies your masterpiece, your written heart.
The sun shoots out, rays glinting against your white mask. You reach for your glass on a stand next to you, and drink gratefully; A ringing sound fills the room, and you press the button on the beeping.
“Yes?” Your voice reaches your ears, smooth and silky.
“He has arrived, sir.”
You stand up, straightening your tie, and smoothing out your suit.
You walk to the door, and are greeted by the sight of a man clad in silver.
@Ghid .” He acknowledges, as he walks into the luxurious, but sparsely furnished room.
He walked over to the stand, before removing his
Helm, revealing a face, its skin tanned with the sunlight, his eyes chrome colored, and his hair short and choppy.
You sigh.
“So, what do you want?” You ask the gleaming figure.
“I’ve seen him again.” He replied gravely.
@Rukah , we’ve been over this. Oisli is dead.”
You say, frustrated and annoyed.
“He has been dead for a year now.”
Rukah taps his fingers on his helm, obviously impatient.
“And I continue to tell you he is far from dead.”
“Even is he was, why would that matter? We already have more important matters to attend.”
You sigh once more.
“ Fine. I’ll take precautions to ensure that a nonexistent person doesn’t hurt anybody.”
Rukah’s expression softened.
“Thank you.” He whispered, before leaving the room.
You press the button on the intercom.
“Please double security for the next two days.”
The intercom beeped back: “Acknowledged.”
Oisli’s death, was not a peaceful one.
You still remember his agonized face, as the blade had plunged into his gut, the blood spilled. Whose hands, was anyone’s guess.
He was strange, an odd person, whose tales were spun from the fragments of other peoples dreams, stories, and thoughts.
Eccentric as he was, no one deserved the death that was brought to him.
Even though he always wore that unnerving mask.
You take another look at your book, knowing that it was nearly finished.
It was the fourth.
So close.
You could die to the anticipation.
Suddenly, you hear a creak, and look towards the source, a crorner of the room, shadowed in. You shake your head. You must be hearing things.
“They’ll always forget, that is their flaw. Hopefully.” You mutter to yourself.
“You know they’ll forget. They always have. “ A voice said.
You quickly look up.
A figure slowly walks out of the tiny corner, into the light. Their body was metal, bearing no hint of flesh. The color being a dry gray color of steel, the only piece of color was the black mask attached to their face.
Their fingers long and slender, their eyes empty and robotic. Their body-frame strange, distorted.
“ You aren’t real.” You say forcefully. “ You’re dead, you’ve been dead for a long time.”
“And yet you haven’t forgotten, where others have.” The figure replied. Their voice was staticky, warped. It sound like something was broken.
“You have no clue how strange this feels. I was dead. But here I am, walking among the living. My body feels…strange, like something feels wrong, but still."
You narrow your eyes.
“Oisli, what are you here for?” You ask the dead man.
“I don’t k̵̢̛̮̟̬͖͍̰̓̄̄͗̅͒͊͘ṅ̵̢̡̨̙̺̟̺̱͎̣͔͕̹͗͆͊͋ó̶̳͚̪̥͈̭͉̰̺̱͕͔̲͈̽̄̈́̈́͐̄̅̓͜w̴̹̄̇̔͋̾̌͘ͅ. I just…walked here.” He replies. He looks deep at you, his eyes boring into you. “They’ve forgotten me.” He says mournfully. “The stories are gone.” He turns away from you.
“Things must be fixed.” he mutters, before snapping his fingers… and disappeared.


Authors note: edited chapter 2.


this is what I get for taking 78 benadryl