Two Steps From Hell

Don't know why I haven't created this yet. But here it is one of the greatest music producers. Music is composed by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix.

obviously they have so many great song that I cant put them here. So I shall put a link to their youtube channel.
So does anyone else like them? Have i piqued your curiosity and want to listen to more. Discuses all that and more here.

I've listened to like four or five TSFH tracks among all the trailer music I listen to.

It makes for pretty good music, but it mostly falls among all the other trailer music to me. Doesn't stand out to me like other companies like Position Music or Critical Mass.

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Love it!

I've got the whole Invincible album on my iPod. :smiley:

Now I've gotta look these guy up. :stuck_out_tongue:

They have a new album coming out tomorrow. Gonna be awesome.
@John_Smith just the one album?

Yeah, I should probably check out more of their stuff. stuck_out_tongue

that would be a good decision.

I'll make a list of my favorite songs from them later but I have to go through all their albums that I have of theirs

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They do?!

Checks Amazon

Sees Battlecry

Me want!

These guys are amaze
been listening to em for...two years now?
not entirely sure
don't know what that hawk guy is thinking either
TSFH is best

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Update have acquired Battlecry and I have been listening to it almost none stop for a couple of days.

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I love their music.