Two truths and a lie!

If you’ve ever played this as an Ice-breaker game you’ll know what this is! You get to tell two truths and a lie, and everybody else has to figure out which one of the three is a lie!


-I’ve got a Pohatu set
-I’m a villager rank on the TTV message boards
-I’ve guest starred on TTV

Try and figure it out, I doubt you’ll have too much trouble :stuck_out_tongue: and make up your own three.


I’m gonna guess you weren’t a guest. For mine -

-I don’t have any toa mata or nuva .

-I dislike 2004.

-I own every set from bionicle gen 2.

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I’m gonna go with these were lies, anyways

-I fell into a koi fish pond
-I have every single halo game to date
-I like 2005

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I’m willing to bet this is the lie.

-I own lots of Steve Erwin merchandise.
-I can go and buy G2 Pohatu in Australia right now.
-I own more steam games (Over 100) then Bionicles/Lego.

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I got trapped in a lift in San Francisco 10 years ago.
I was cracked my head open by slipping while standing on a toilet seat.
I broke my tibia bone (large bone in shin) on Friday the 13th.


I’ll take that as true.

Sounds probable



I love superman

I once cut my head open on a tree branch and had to get it stitched and stapled shut.

I once fell on a treadmill that was against a wall and got huge scabs and scrapes on my knees.

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Gonna guess this is a lie.

  • I like bacon.
  • I accidentally fell out of a tree, hit another tree and fell out that one.
  • I like mario

Nope that’s a truth…

All my guesses.


Yes that is indeed my lie

Due to me reading other topics, I can safely say that this is the lie.

-I have been to Legoland California three times.
-I’ve never visited another country.
-I go to public school.

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My guesses.

1: I’ve been to three countries, not counting America.
2: I’ve been to all 50 states.
4: I can recite the alphabet backwards in under 4 seconds


That’s impressive if it’s true. my 3:
-I invented the Squeaver
-I wrote a bunch of HORRIBLE RWBY fanfics a while ago.
-My 6th grade teacher yelled “I’M NOT A HIPPY” at me when I held up a peace sign.

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My guesses.

-I really dislike the Percy Jackson books
-Christopher Nolan is my favorite director
-My favorite color is blue


come to think of it, I think the first one is too obvious. I’m gonna say the second one.

I say this is false.


That isn’t it, surprisingly.

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Incorrect! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the hippie one?

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Is this the lie? I could have sworn at some point you said you and you’re mom came up with the Squaver.

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Third one, Squeaver.