Two truths and a lie!

1: Alien life exists in the Milky Way
2: Jake Paul will take over the Tonight Show in 2022
3: Something very vague will happen in a certain amount of time

Yep. I wish I had a turtle.

-I eat a lot yet somehow am not fat
-I read a lot
-my highest killstreak in TF2 was 3.

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This one’s a lie

-I don’t like soup
-I like bionicle 2008
-My dogs name is Turtle

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This topic was dead for years
I just revived this topic
This topic never existed

okay, actual list:

I own a katana
I met Greg Farshtey once
I am bilingual

Edit: it’s kinda funny rereading my old posts and seeing the things that were lies back then but are no longer false.



  • I work for the government
  • I have never left the United States
  • I own a minifigure worth $199.99


  • I’m American

  • I’ve never opened a sealed bionicle G1 set

  • I have a good, functioning computer


  • Never broke a bone.
  • My favorite game is Shadow of the Colossus
  • I’m color-blind

I’m swingin for the fences and guessing this is the lie

  • I’ve only been to three countries
  • I changed my last name when I was six years old
  • I love black licorice
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