Type: Null [LDD]

With Sun and Moon around the corner, I thought it time to post this here now.
Type Null: 2
Type: Null 1
Type: Null 3

For people who hardly follow the Pokemon news, this is what it's based on.



Wow. Just wow.

I put my hat down man. I would love to see a set or a moc of this. A moc is the more likely of the two.

It’s amazing, really accurate.

Thats really good man! I really like the way you fit light gray on the head thing.

Very interesting.

This is really cool. I probably am not going to buy the games, but I really like this MoC. You’ve captured the design of it very well, especially the purple bits.Will we see a Silvally version of this?

Pretty good looking, accurate too.

This just makes me love Type: Null even more.

Fantastic job…

Spectacular job! It captures the look of the source well.

Another reason why they should have lego pokemon.

An excellent recreation.

I don’t know the source material very well but I will say this matches the details very well.

Making that will take more time, but im more focus on other things.

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is there anyway to get a parts list and instructions to make this?

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You’d probably have to make a lot of colour substitutions if you did

Very faithful representation! Nice job!